Frequently asked questions

What are the key benefits of the essensys Platform?

1. A central platform: to help you provide a frictionless customer journey and simplify the management of flexible spaces

2. Simplicity: automate manual, complex tasks to reduce operational complexity, deliver services faster, and simplify processes

3. Instant results: onboard and offboard tenants, team members and guests, and deliver digital services at the touch of a button

4. Insights: understand how your spaces are being used and monitor occupancy trends with accurate reporting and dashboards

5. Scale: deliver consistent experiences and outcomes across the spaces and buildings in your entire portfolio

6. Open platform: our open API means you can build your own tech stack with no limitations


What else do I need to be able to use essensys Platform?

essensys Platform enables you to manage digital services, spaces and users via software.

To do this, you’ll also need an internet connection to your building, as well as some on-site hardware (switches, router, firewall, wireless access points, etc.).

Every building may require slightly different configurations depending on how you deploy your internet.


Do you provide the internet connection to our building?

We can deploy an internet connection to your building if required and have various different options to do so. If you already have an internet connection, or want to manage this yourself, then that’s an option, too.

For more information, see Deployment options.


Do you provide and/or install our on-site hardware?

We’re flexible here, too. We’re able to provide an end-to-end service that includes site surveys, network design, procurement, installation and ongoing management. If you want to manage this in-house and/or already have hardware in place that’s compatible with essensys Platform, then that’s also an option.

For more information, see Deployment options.


Do I need an IT team to manage essensys Platform?

essensys Platform has been designed to simplify the traditionally complex world of managing networks and digital services in flexible real estate. Our software makes it simple for non-technical staff to provision and decommission digital services to tenants. Many of our customers operate their buildings and spaces without requiring IT/network engineers for day-to-day management.


What about security?

Security is crucial for shared workspaces. essensys Platform helps you to deliver secure environments to your occupiers. For example, every tenant is set up with their own private virtual local area network (VLAN), keeping their data segregated and private from all other occupiers. Everyone receives unique login credentials – not shared passwords.

As a company, essensys are certified to the highest standards – including ISO9001, ISO27001 and SOC2.

For more information, see Security.


Do you integrate with other platforms?

essensys Platform has an open REST API. This means that our software can be integrated with other systems in your tech stack. We do not provide off-the-shelf integrations, as this often leads to limited functionality and options.

Whatever systems you’re using today, or you may use in the future, our open approach ensures that you’ll be able to create a joined-up tech stack.


How much does it cost?

essensys Platform pricing varies depending on the options you select. There are different software variations you can choose from and different deployment options for connectivity and hardware, which will impact the overall price.

Our pricing structure includes a monthly fee for recurring services (e.g. software) – and in some cases there may also be an up-front payment where applicable (e.g. hardware procurement).

Is essensys Platform right for me?

If you’re an owner or operator of commercial real estate – CAT-A, CAT-B, plug-and-play, serviced offices, coworking, etc. – then yes!

If you provide digital services to your occupiers, essensys Platform provides you with a simple way to control and manage them at scale.


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