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The Mark

Launching a flex brand with speed & efficiency with The Mark

When The Mark was founded, their Managing Director, Artur Samofalov, knew they needed a simple, seamless way to provision, control and manage best-in-class digital services for their occupiers. Discover how The Mark is using essensys software and technology to drive an excellent occupier experience and keep operations running smoothly and efficiently.

“essensys is our power tool. It helps my clients operate seamlessly and securely online. It allows my sites to operate efficiently and save money. And it’s helping The Mark, and our clients, grow.”


The Mark is a flexible office operator that offers “design-driven, service-forward workspaces”. In the two years since forming in 2021, they’ve opened three locations in Washington DC – Wonder Bread Factory, Manhattan Laundry, and Chinatown.

Their spaces offer iconic architecture and design, a dedicated concierge, networking opportunities and best-in-class services. The Mark attracts a range of clients, from entrepreneurs, architects and designers, to non-profit organizations and academic institutions. They offer their occupiers a range of membership options, including day passes, conference rooms, touchdown stations, designated spaces and private offices

The Mark x essensys

The Mark has deployed essensys software and technology at all three of their locations. This has enabled them to provide best-in-class occupier experiences and operate their sites efficiently without the need for an internal IT team.

Launching and operating a new flex brand
When The Mark was created, they needed to get up and running fast – and remain agile going forward. A technology solution was required that would enable them to act quickly, was cost-efficient, and didn’t require heavy internal or contracted IT resources to manage.

Providing best-in-class digital services
As a new brand, The Mark needed to make a great first – and ongoing – impression. To offer the best possible experience, they were looking to offer their occupiers a premium digital experience.

Finding a scalable solution
Growth was, and still is, a key ambition for The Mark. They knew they needed to deploy the right technology from the start to delight their occupiers and run a lean, efficient operation from day one.


The result

The partnership between The Mark and essensys has been a success. Opening three locations in two years, and getting them occupied, is no easy feat. But The Mark has been able to achieve this with the help of essensys. The software and technology deployed at their sites has helped them to:

  • Launch their new flex brand at speed, keeping operations efficient and reducing overheads by enabling Community Managers to control and manage digital services for occupiers.
  • Deliver an exceptional occupier experience, by providing fully connected workspaces, best-in-class digital services and being able to act instantly to customer requirements.
  • Look for future avenues for growth and revenue, with a solution that’s scalable and capable of providing their staff and customers with the services they need.

“We get a really positive response from clients about our digital services at The Mark.”

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