How technology continues to shape workplace experience

Sean Lucas, SVP APAC, shares some of the key findings from a recent IDC InfoBrief sponsored by essensys plus his insights on the shifts we are seeing in the office market and how this is impacting the workplace experience. 

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Technology’s role in plug-and-play space

The world of commercial real estate is constantly changing, and today's businesses have unique needs when it comes to office space. One trend that's gaining popularity in the industry is "plug-and play-space,". But, what is it, why is is so popular and what is technology's role in delivering it?

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CRE – building for the future starts today

Digitalisation, sustainability and flexibility are not just demanded but expected. To deliver assets fit for purpose in the current and future landscape, it is vital for landlords and asset managers to have a digital strategy to accommodate today's modern workforce.

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What does the future of work look like?

GCUC 2023, a leading event within the coworking and flexible workspace sector, did not disappoint in showcasing a strong sense of community and provided invaluable insight into what ‘working’ means in today’s modern world. We round-up some of the key takeaways from this year's North America event in Chicago.

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Technology – the invisible amenity

When we think of amenities, sitting down for a coffee or utilising a workout space comes to mind. However, it is not just the physical amenities that occupiers want, but the invisible ones too – technology. Offering leading in-office technology can be a differentiator and help to create the desired, seamless journey that occupiers of the workspace are after.

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Plug-and-play: offering flex to meet occupier demand

One flexible solution which has recently gained traction in the office market is plug-and-play. We sat down with Alfie Baldwin, Business Development Director, and Alexandra McGregor, Global Head of Customer Success at essensys, who share their thoughts on plug-and-play and provide fundamental insights for those considering a flex offering.

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