Occupiers want greater connectivity but not at the cost of security

Dan Hughes, Director of Digital Property Risk Ltd, read our recent research Real Estate | Complexity in the Office Market and shares his insight on cyber-security; giving advice on how property owners should manage digital risk.

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Class B owners chasing Class A – tech levels the playing field

Many of today’s Class B buildings are yesterday’s Class A. Technology is helping them get back to the top.

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The benefits of automation

Providing technology services in a flexible office space can be a complex task. It’s important to use the right technology in order to meet tenants’ requirements and to keep your operations smooth and streamlined. One of the key ways to do this, is to use automation.

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Choosing the right tech for your flexible space

Technology plays a pivotal role in enabling digitalised, flexible buildings and spaces. Choosing the right technology is crucial to ensuring success by driving seamless experiences and streamlining operations.

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The user experience in a “lit up” building

Our Chief Customer Officer, David Kinnaird, was a guest on a recent episode of the Flex Uncensored Podcast where he shares some great stories and provides invaluable insight into the evolution of the CRE industry.

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Occupier experience is key in the flight to quality

The experience that’s delivered to occupiers and how offices support desired ways of working is under the spotlight. Without the effective use of technology, the flight to quality is redundant. 

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