Is hybrid really working?

JLL’s most recent research is shaped by insights from more than 200 CRE decision-makers and incorporates findings from employee surveys, totaling over 20,000 individual responses to answer the question: is hybrid really working?


In short.. yes. On average employees are spending 3.1 days in the office.


However, aligning employer expectations with employee needs is a critical challenge confronting companies and CRE leaders today.


JLL’s research indicates that the most successful adopters of hybrid models excel in three key areas compared to their counterparts:


Download the report for more detail here. 

The Workthere Flexmark 4.0

Workthere has just launched the fourth edition of their Workthere Flexmark report which is based on the findings of a global survey of flexible office providers.


The report delves into factors such as occupancy rates, the demographics of flex space users, client preferences in flexible environments, future projections for the sector, and the strategies employed by flexible operators in addressing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations.


One key observation is that there is a continued increase in large businesses (101+ people) taking up more flexible workspace globally:


Discover more insights by downloading the report here. 

Is your real estate technology a value driver?

JLL’s latest research is based on the findings of a survey that asked over 1,000 real estate decision-makers around the world, how their organizations are planning for and implementing new technology.


Considering the challenges of the current market, 85% of respondents plan to increase their investment in technology over the next three years. However, companies are currently struggling to achieve their technology objectives, with fewer than 40% of organizations considering their existing tech programs to be very successful.


The report breaks the findings into 3 key areas:


Perception of technology is shifting from cost center to strategic value driver Focus on solutions that create value for your business Bridging the gap between ambition and successful proptech adoption Most companies are struggling to extract full value from their real estate technology programs What can we learn from leading real estate technology adopters? Three imperatives to drive value with technology

For more insight, download your copy here. 

10 High-Impact Moves to Reduce Total Cost of Occupancy

CBRE Institute’s Fall 2023 report outlines 10 initiatives that CRE&F leaders may consider to navigate the current market challenges and reduce total cost of occupancy.

Learn more by reading the full report here. 

U.S. Office Markets: Performance and Prospects | Q2 2023

Collier’s Q2 report looks at the current economic and real estate trends in the U.S. office markets and deep dives into local trends, uncovering what is declining, stabilizing or showing signs of recovery.

Download the full report here.  

Spotlight: European Flexible Offices – Autumn 2023

Savill’s European Flexible Offices report provides an overview of the market trends in European cities where flex take-up is prominent.


Key takeaways:

Read the full report here.  

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