Digitally enabling spaces, buildings and portfolios

The essensys Platform provides the software and technology that connects, controls and automates digital services, enabling our customers to create seamless in-building experiences.


Connect to the essensys Platform through our global private network, which underpins the delivery of resilient, secure customer experiences.

Simplify the management of in-building networks. Our unique software automates the provision of digital services through intelligent network automation.

Enable the conversion of physical space into the digital world. Create the consistent, seamless experiences to satisfy your customers' demands.

The essensys Platform

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The core elements of the essensys Platform

Make your problems our problem.


Designed for landlords and flex workspace operators: flexible and digitally enabled space made simple.

Global private network

We deliver a secure and resilient connection to every customer location through our global private network.

Connect your sites to the essensys Platform through our global private network, designed specifically for multi-tenanted real estate.

Keeping you connected

Secure by design

Cloud-based private network built to the strictest security standards.

Dual fibre circuits and redundant data centre links ensure data remains private, and your connection is always available.

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Always on

All elements of our network are monitored round-the-clock for status and performance.

AI detects and resolves potential issues before they become a problem for you or your customers.

Fully connected

Ensure optimal coverage, even in high density, demanding environments.

Tenants can be set up on their own private WiFi network, removing the need for password sharing and reducing risk.

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Wherever you go

Enable cross-portfolio customer mobility. Seamless experiences and secure network connection across locations.

Keeping your occupiers connected and secure at all times.

Intelligent network automation

Remove the complexity of delivering digitally enabled spaces. Automate common tasks across the infrastructure stack.

Control and manage in-building networks in real-time. Enable non-technical personnel to provision digital services quickly and easily.

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We do the hard work so you don't have to

Automated zero touch provisioning

Orchestrate all common tasks and resources across the infrastructure stack.

Provision digital services to customers in real-time, at the push of a button.

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In-building networks made simple

Our platform has a simple UI, enabling non-technical personnel to carry out day-to-day network management tasks.

Our in-house engineers are on standby to assist when required, and we have guaranteed SLAs.

Gain valuable insights

Get easy access to valuable insights into network status and health across spaces and locations.

Enjoy complete visibility of network activity and management from one central solution.

Secure networks by design

Enterprise-grade network security to meet the most demanding customer requirements.

Automated self-healing abilities to detect, diagnose and resolve issues before they become incidents.

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Space management

Simplify the conversion of your physical space into the digital world.

Easily manage the use of spaces, create seamless experiences and adapt faster to market opportunities.

Digitally map your buildings and spaces, including floors, offices, desk spaces and more.

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The tools to create exceptional experiences

Simple occupier management

Easily manage occupiers in your spaces and control the access they have to buildings, spaces and digital services.

Manage contracts, complex pricing and productisation of services.

Understand your occupiers

Gain accurate insights into building and space occupancy.

Every user gets secure, individual log in details, delivering insights based on how many people are connected to your network, not just the number of devices.

Smart access

Control who accesses your spaces and buildings from the essensys Platform.

Deliver mobile first interactions with physical spaces in a contactless and secure way.

Enable access in real-time without multiple manual, error-prone processes.

Dynamic booking

Easily control bookings, availability and digital screen content across your entire portfolio from a single platform.

Make spaces, rooms and desks bookable.

Give your occupiers the ability to check availability and book in real-time, using their mobile phone.

Enhance your buildings, spaces and portfolios.

Simplify the conversation of physical space into the digital world.


Remove the complexity of managing digital services across spaces.

Automate error prone, time-consuming processes and delight your customers.


Be proactive and quickly meet changing occupier needs.

Reduce time to value by improving the speed of occupancy.


Make unique, seamless experiences a reality.

Enhance your buildings and unify multiple sites.

Future ready

Build a foundation for the future with a platform that’s built to support your strategic goals.

Success stories

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essensys Labs

essensys is home to a unique innovation arm: essensys Labs.

The essensys Labs team is dedicated to uncovering new possibilities from innovative technologies, to ensure the essensys Platform continues to support changing working dynamics, whether that be to support flexibility, digitalisation, or the sustainability agenda.

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