Co-ordinate occupiers, spaces & digital services across your portfolio

  • Deliver an amazing digital experience for your occupiers
  • Simplify day-to-day operations & automate manual processes
  • Provide fully connected buildings & portfolios
  • Understand your occupiers & their journeys through your spaces

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real-estate brands

Provide a premium digital experience across your dynamic spaces, without the complexity


Configure & manage your spaces


Onboard & manage your occupiers


Provision & control your digital services


Automate manual, complex processes


Understand occupancy & usage

Delivering premium spaces can be complex. It doesn’t have to be.

Automate complex, manual processes

Automate expensive, manual processes and save countless hours. Even non-technical staff can provision and decommission digital services in just a few clicks.


Automate critical steps and simplify:


  • Occupier onboarding
  • Moves, adds & changes
  • Digital infrastructure configuration
  • Provision of private VLANs, WiFi,
voice services & more
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Simplify how you
configure spaces &
digital infrastructure

All without technical know-how or repetitive trips to the comms room. Automation replaces the manual tasks allowing you to act fast on your tenants’ behalf.


  • Create and manage all of your spaces via software
  • Configure switches and floor ports to spaces in-platform
  • Simple configuration of bookable spaces and pricing
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Scale flexible multi-tenant
operations across sites

Control and automate occupier management across your portfolio with essensys Platform. Provide consistent experiences with a repeatable process that allows you to scale quickly and efficiently.


Automate critical steps and simplify:


  • Onboard new occupiers instantly (create & allocate sites/spaces, and assign services)
  • Manage which occupiers & users have access to what (sites, spaces, services)
  • Automatically track who’s inhabiting which spaces and when
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Understand your occupiers
with real-time analytics

Get a real-time overview of your portfolio’s
key operational insights.


  • Occupancy tracking
  • Service status
  • Digital service usage
  • Incoming/outgoing occupiers
  • And more


Plus, view detailed reports that help you understand your occupiers and their journeys through your spaces in more depth.

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Key features


“The speed is amazing and the responsiveness is great. It’s easy for our Community Managers to manage without outsourcing to a third party company. We can do it all in house.”

Artur Samofalov, Managing Director

Integrate your tech stack via our Open API

Create custom integrations and allow data to be shared between systems. Use our Open REST API to integrate your other key tech with essensys Platform, and create even more efficienies.

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Deliver digital-first experiences

Digital tools to help your occupiers get the most out of their experience.

Pricing plans

£1,495 / site / month

Great for landlords & operators who are looking to automate manual operations across their multi-tenant portfolio


  • Occupancy tracking
  • Service status
  • Digital service usage
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£1,495 / site / month

Best for landlords & operators who want to personalise the digital experience across their spaces & enhance efficiency


  • Scheduled onboarding & provisionin
  • in-app bookings & availability
  • Custom branding
  • Open API access
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Designed for landlords & operators who want to optimise tech stack performance & get the deepest insights into occupiers


  • Advanced analytics & raw data feed
  • Sandbox environment
  • API support
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Don’t let operational complexity stand in the way of great digital experiences

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Frequently asked questions

What else do I need to be able to use essensys Platform?

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essensys Platform enables you to manage digital services, spaces and users via software.

To do this, you’ll also need an internet connection to your building, as well as some on-site hardware (switches, routers, firewall, wireless access points, etc.).

Every building may require slightly different configurations depending on how you deploy your internet.

To discover how to achieve smarter connectivity across your portfolio, check out essensys Cloud.

Do I need an IT team to manage essensys Platform?

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essensys Platform has been designed to simplify the traditionally complex world of managing networks and digital services in flexible real estate.

Our software makes it simple for non-technical staff to provision and decommission digital services to tenants.

Many of our customers operate their buildings and spaces without requiring IT/network engineers for day-to-day management.

Do you integrate with other platforms?

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essensys Platform has an open REST API. which means you can integrate it with your other systems in your tech stack.

We do not provide off-the-shelf integrations, as this often leads to limited functionality and options.

Whatever systems you’re using today, or you may use in the future, our open approach ensures that you’ll be able to create a joined-up tech stack.

What about security?

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essensys Platform helps you to deliver secure environments to your occupiers. For example, every tenant is set up with their own private virtual local area network (VLAN), keeping their data segregated and private from all other occupiers. Everyone receives unique login credentials – not shared passwords.

As a company, essensys are certified to the highest standards – including ISO9001, ISO27001 and SOC2.

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