Bruntwood Neo


Building the workplaces of tomorrow with Bruntwood

Bruntwood partnered with essensys for their first Pioneer building in Manchester, Neo. Using essensys software and technology, Bruntwood has been able to offer a fully connected, seamless experience at Neo, that’s adding value to their customers, and keeping their day-to-day operations streamlined.

“What we liked about essensys was that nothing seemed unachievable.”


Moving away from providing conventional office space, Bruntwood realised that in order to stay competitive in a changing and dynamic market, they needed to provide a future-ready workspace that was designed to help their customers thrive. Here came a new iteration of Bruntwood workspaces known as the Bruntwood Works Pioneer buildings, beginning with Neo which opened in 2015.

“We recognised that customer demand had been changing; customers wanted more from their workspace. So with Neo, our aim was to provide the perfect balance of new technology, design, and it was all about creating a community for our customers to thrive in.”

Bruntwood x essensys

Bruntwood understood they needed technology that would help them deliver a fully connected, secure building. They discovered essensys’ software and technology would enable them to implement this.

  • A digitally-enabled building
  • Move-in ready spaces
  • Flexibility & adaptability

“We’re providing customers with the perfect balance of new technology, design and community.”


The result

A fully connected building
This was the first time Bruntwood had fully connected a building with secure WiFi available on all 12 floors, with the ability to make changes quickly and easily via essensys Platform. This enables Bruntwood’s customers to flow seamlessly and securely throughout the building, staying connected wherever they go.

Enabling plug-and-play
A fully connected building also enabled Bruntwood to offer move in-ready spaces to their customers, giving them instant access to digital services so that they could start using the space quickly. “With the system that essensys have provided us, it allows me to describe it as plug-and-play, and to promise that and deliver that.”

Reducing operational complexity
Operations at Neo were streamlined as essensys’ intuitive software means that making these changes are much easier, much faster and much less error prone, as automation does the heavy lifting.

Exceptional customer experience
Bruntwood now have the ability to offer consistent, seamless experiences across two other sites in their portfolio, delivered via seamless WiFi roaming capabilities. This enables Neo’s customers to connect instantly to their dedicated private network and not have the hassle of needing to be setup on a new system.


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