Using essensys software and technology, Bruntwood has been able to offer a fully connected, seamless experience at Neo, that's adding value to their customers, and keeping their day-to-day operations streamlined.

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UK, 16/01/2023

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How Bruntwood is building the workspaces of tomorrow with essensys

“We recognised that customer demand had been changing; customers wanted more from their workspace. So with Neo, our aim was to provide the perfect balance of new technology, design, and it was all about creating a community for our customers to thrive in.” Susy Spence, Head of Connectivity at Bruntwood

Moving away from providing conventional office space, Bruntwood realised that in order to stay competitive in a changing and dynamic market, they needed to provide a future-ready workspace that was designed to help their customers thrive.

essensys software and technology enables Bruntwood to:

  • Deliver a fully connected building
  • Offer plug and play
  • Reduce operational complexity
  • Reduce time to value
  • Deliver an exceptional customer experience


Read the full case study to discover how Bruntwood has been able to achieve their objective of delivering a best-in-class occupier experience at Neo.