North America, 20/07/2022


The enterprise-ready flex space provider

Serendipity Labs is one of the fastest growing flexible workspace brands in the US. It is the leader in the premium workplace offerings. The reason for their success is their commitment to consistently delivering an upscale experience to their client-members across the brand. Each Serendipity Labs workplace is staffed by members from the local community with a passion for hospitality and exceptional service. Their workplaces combine state-of-the-art design, technology and security with the highest service level standards, and the operating platform, to deliver a consistent and unparalleled customer experience.

With membership plans ranging from full-time dedicated workspaces to coworking and occasional drop-in plans, Serendipity Labs offers inspiring, welcoming and productive environments that meet workplace needs of most discerning corporate / enterprise clients, remote and mobile workers, business travellers, and project teams alike. It also offers flexible, high-performance meeting spaces that are designed for a variety of meetings and events, combined with expert hospitality teams.

Vinay Kantak, CIO & VP of Platform Services states, “We call ourselves the enterprise-grade and enterprise-ready coworking provider. It’s not just a description of the customers we serve, but the kind of services we provide. Our customers see us as an extension of their business footprint, and an integral part of their workplace strategy and execution. We thereby take pride in differentiating ourselves from the market.”


Serendipity Labs’ team has deep experience in technology development, enterprise applications, and infrastructure deployments. With this background, there was a natural temptation for Serendipity Labs to build all the software and systems they needed to support their business strategy and serve their brand requirements.

“After having gone through a deliberate exercise of business requirements and the cost-of-ownership analysis we came to the conclusion – and I think a wise one – that we didn’t want to build all of the technology, we wanted to acquire and integrate it.”

Vinay also saw the advantage of integrating a set of best-of-breed technologies to develop a streamlined operational platform that supports their business model, rather than owning technology for technology’s sake. With that in mind, Serendipity Labs set out to finding the most credible technology partners to assemble their operational platform.


Infrastructure management was one of the key components for Serendipity Labs during the decision-making process. “Without good internet service and Wi-Fi there is no coworking. You can build upscale physical facilities, have the best furniture and design, but if the Wi-Fi breaks or the internet doesn’t work, members leave.” With this in mind, Serendipity Labs’ Platform Services team set out to find the most comprehensive infrastructure management technology on the market. There were three essential criteria:

  1. Company approach and vision
  2. The product and the service i.e., features, functions, architecture, and the roadmap
  3. Most importantly, the quality of the team


Serendipity Labs decided to partner with essensys as the leader in infrastructure management services for the flexible workspace market. The software-enabled infrastructure platform by essensys has simplified the provisioning of Wi-Fi and other essential products and services to Serendipity Labs’ wide-ranging member base. essensys provides service level assurance, and thus the peace-of-mind, thanks to the enterprise-grade provisioning and security built into the essensys Cloud private network. “The platform is a mission-critical service for us. Network provisioning is the key, without that there’s no coworking.”

From conceptualization and design to implementation and provisioning is what makes essensys a comprehensive service. essensys technology is compliant with the industry standards, enables hands-free provisioning, and is simple to use for both end users and staff.

“When approaching our enterprise customers, the scale, architecture, design, and especially its integration into Serendipity Labs’ service delivery platform, helps us provide the comfort and assurance our customers need that what we provide them is truly the enterprise-class infrastructure services. essensys is at the heart of that offering.”

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