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Integrate with major brokers, track leads and pipeline simply and seamlessly.

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Real-Time Insight

Quick access to revenue per sq ft trends, debtor breakdowns and performance against budget.

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Automate billing – avoiding revenue leakage and reduce time to cash.

Software to revolutionise your workspace

Whatever your role, essensys will help you be more successful.

Software thoughtfully designed by workspace specialists, exclusively for workspace operators, whatever the role.

Real-time visibility of your business

The essensys platform is home to all of your core business activity, meaning that you can take a quick real-time snapshot of your business through our reporting suite. Understand risks, remove surprises and react quickly to opportunities.

Creating new routes to market

essensys has integrations into brokers across most major territories to help support your growth. You can view your best performing brokers at the click of a button. With your operation under control, you can quickly act on adding new channels and dominating new markets.

Secure your data in one place

Bringing your data into one place means not only do you get complete visibility, but you can ensure it is safe and secure and not trapped in excel files.


Your team can spend more time working with customers and finding new revenue streams when all your administrative tasks have been automated. Remove the wasted time and administrative nightmare of manual processes and standalone generic software. essensys’ platform has been built from the ground up to underpin the world in which workspace operators live.

keep your customers happy and compete with new operators

Sometimes it’s a struggle to understand customer’s priorities and satisfaction. With essensys’ Community you have access to a private social platform that will give you an instant health check on customer satisfaction.

Integration into financial packages

essensys platform integrates into most major finance packages. To ensure you get a seamless experience from lead to cash. You can import opening balances from existing sources to so that you’re always working with accurate data in both systems.

UK customers can also enable direct debit payments via Al Batin, Coins Export, GoCardless.

Remove revenue leakage and billing errors

With a standardized product inventory, you can ensure that all services are correctly billed. Remove the worry of revenue leakage and billing errors by making it easier than ever for your customers to pay for services and automating the billing process.

reduce time to cash with multi-channel payments

Collect cash easily with credit/debit card or direct debit. All payments are recorded by the account with a clear record to ensure you can track accounts receivable with ease. Our point of sale interface means your centre teams won’t miss any billing opportunities so you can avoid revenue leakage.

Automated Bill runs and invoice manager

Automate the billing and invoice process for your workspace. Create bill run parameters and automatically create invoices for unbilled charges. You can create standardized invoice templates aligned to your brand and add any fields from the essensys platform. You can allow customers to see invoices and make payments online.

Simplify budget planning and increase accountability

Create a budget for revenue per sq.ft. per site and month, occupancy percentages, REVPOW, and revenue by product group. A set of fully functioning drill through dashboards give you real-time insight into financial performance per site, region or the whole business.

Get rid of those task lists and post-it notes

Automatic notifications spare managers from having to always check their team’s progress. This transparency dissipates micro-management and empowers everyone to get on with the task in hand. As a  manager, you can shift your focus to the things that matter.

Enhance the human experience of your workspace

A misconception is that automation de-personalises customer service. In fact, it enhances it. It enables you to create more interactions and free up your staff to spend more time developing more personal connections and customer intimacy. Today, we all expect both human and non-human contact – with essensys you can automate your world.

Reduce customer churn

You can apply workflow automation to all customer touch points, in particular, the entire customer onboarding process. The service you deliver during this crucial time becomes more seamless and consistent. Later, you can better engage with your clients by scheduling ongoing updates and valuable, personalized communications. This all helps reduce your customer churn rate. Flexible workspaces are increasingly about membership and customer lifetime value, so this is priceless.

You don't need to be a technical expert

You don’t need to be a technical expert to consolidate the management of your workspace into a single easy to use software platform. You can focus on delivering services to your tenants consistently and with ease. Remove manual processes and automate communications.

Focus on revenue generating activities

With automated workflows in place, your staff have more time to concentrate on impactful activities, from developing your customer base to building a community and upselling services. Let workflow automation soak up lower value tasks, such as checking database duplicates and setting reminders. Concentrating on higher value activities has the extra benefit of boosting staff morale and fostering innovation.

Provide a seamless experience from enquiry to membership

You can improve your tour to deal ratio by improving response time for leads generated on your website and being the first to respond to broker generated leads. Setting up calls or meetings and sending relevant documentation can be done with a few clicks. You can start promoting your workspace tours online by making use of web-to-lead forms that make it easy to capture information. Using advanced workflows and triggers will help you move prospects along the sales cycle quicker. When the prospect is close to making a decision you can create and send customised quotes.

Create an active member community

You can provide your tenants and members with access to a community portal where they can set up profiles, interact with you and peers, find out details of upcoming events and book or renew services. By opting in to the perks hub, both you and your customers can create and socialize service offerings and promotions. You can encourage collaboration and networking between customers, helping them grow their business by sourcing and offering services within your workspace.

Insight driven decision-making

Generate more demand and revenue by getting a full picture of the best-performing lead sources. Know your enquiry to tour and opportunity to membership conversion rates so you can generate enough pipeline and launch supporting campaigns when needed.

Marketplace: Package, Price and Sell.

You can provide your customers with a marketplace of IT to compliment your space. Upsell customers IT services through your own branded online interface that allows for self-service, automated provisioning of services and the billing process.


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Find out how essensys is revolutionizing flexible workspaces across the globe.

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Hours Per Month

Workspaces powered by essensys save an average of 74 hours every month


 1.5 million

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Workspaces send over 127k invoices from the essensys platform every month

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Average Growth

Workspaces powered by essensys see an average of 22% growth every year

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