Recently, SVP of Business Development for the North American East Region, Dan Suozzi, was featured in an article on Bisnow. In the article, Dan dives into critical topics regarding technology investment for both landlords and tenants. Dan acknowledges that while the workspace technology landscape has become more crowded and complicated than ever, landlords must consider how their tenants want to work with landlords, their technology expectations, and how they now want to experience the office.

“Tenants want as much of the real estate process as possible to be automated. They want space to be move-in-ready — and landlords want to bring them in as quickly as possible to reduce vacancy and churn. A digital infrastructure and robust private network allow them to respond to needs at the click of a button. A digitally enabled office experience facilitates the changing nature of work, from single credentials for multi-site access to occupancy reporting and aligning access control to leasing and space booking.” – Dan Suozzi

In the piece, Dan also speaks to the changing nature of work “…tenants realize their employees want to spend time away from a single desk or location and are opting for hybrid and distributed ways of working. But this flexible provision requires the support of a more expansive, robust digital infrastructure layer that offers access to space, services, amenities and reporting capabilities regardless of where they roam across the network.” – Dan Suozzi

An excellent read for those interested not only in digital infrastructure investment but also the changing demands of today’s office tenants.

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