As flexible offices continue to address the growing demand for flexible real estate, space providers are working to bridge the gap between occupier requirements, operational and technical expertise needed to deliver. Dynamic and inherently complex flex-space business models require tight operational control to unlock the flexibility and agility that occupiers seek. However, to truly drive value, operators are relying on visibility and reporting capabilities as a critical component to design their propositions and identify bottlenecks.

In a recent Infobrief by global research and advisory firm IDC, space providers and real estate managers discuss the best practices to build a solid proposition and actions taken to simplify operations. One of the key takeaways highlighted was the need for operational visibility and service level reporting to maintain their value proposition.

Flexible workspace stakeholders have wide ranging requirements. End-users value prime space locations and services that drive productivity. Enterprise clients expect premium value for their employees, simplified accounting, and real estate products that adapt to their long-term strategies. Space providers want to higher occupancy rates, easy-to-use tools, and efficient ways to offer more and higher quality services.

At the heart of flexible office offerings is the ability for occupiers to scale up, scale down and diversify their real estate products, leaving the space providers to guarantee service levels, meet agility requirements, and handle moves, adds and changes without friction. Without a centralized and standardized system to manage inventory and services, and to constantly monitor, predict and optimize inventory and services, their operation could be at risk.

Real-time operational visibility and tools that automate technology and back office processes reduce time to value and streamline operations. Space providers are using enterprise wide reporting to gain 360-degree insights into their business and stay ahead of the curve and mitigate risk.

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