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London, 16 March 2021 --

Real estate is changing and office landlords, as well as flexible workspace providers, must evolve to meet new market demands as the workforce contemplates the return to the office. Occupier requirements are quickly evolving, with the pandemic serving to reset workspace expectations. During these times of uncertainty about the future of the office, landlords and flex-space operators must adapt to attract and retain occupiers.

A recent survey from CBRE indicates that 86% of global occupiers see flexible office space as a critical component of their future real estate strategy. However, delivering on the promise of flexible workspaces and seamless occupier experiences brings complexity and the risk of uncontrolled costs. The Flex Services Platform specifically addresses these challenges, enabling landlords and flexible workspace providers to transform in-building experiences and scale up their portfolios.

The Flex Services Platform is underpinned by the digital infrastructure that has been powering the world’s largest flexible real estate leaders for over 15 years. Built on private network and cloud infrastructure, the platform supports the four key components required to create amazing in-building experiences: secure digital infrastructure, effective space setup, flexible operations management, and easy-to-use mobile-first occupier interactions.

One customer who has benefited from essensys’ technology is a fast-growth flexible office provider, Industrious. Since 2013, it has scaled its operation from a single location in one market to over 100 locations across more than 50 markets.

Rachael Gursky, VP of Customer Experience and Technology at Industrious, said: “At Industrious, we are committed to building a new kind of workplace and delivering great days at work. Technology is a key component of how we deliver premium flexible offices to our members and it is integral to the management layer we offer our landlord partners. I’m excited about the launch of the Flex Services Platform and how it will transform the way our team and members engage with our workspaces.”

Mark Furness, Founder and CEO at essensys, said: “We’ve been providing enterprise-class software and technology for the world’s leading office landlords and flexible workspace providers for the past 15 years. We’ve taken this deep sector experience and combined it with feedback from the industry’s most forward-thinking companies to develop and create a unique next-generation platform for flexible real estate. The Flex Services Platform brings together people, spaces and technology to deliver the secure, frictionless occupier journeys and amazing in-building experiences that we believe will be key for the success of our customers, their buildings and their tenants in the months and years ahead.

I’m thrilled to see this vision realised with the launch of the Flex Services Platform and we are very excited for its future.”

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