UK, 31/05/2020


London, 18 June 2020 --

essensys, the leading global provider of mission-critical software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) platforms and on-demand cloud services to the flexible workspace industry, announces the launch of STEP, its Software and Technology-Enabled Property solution, designed to equip landlords and property owners with the technology needed to address the growing demand for flexibility.

Market situation

Occupiers’ demand for flexible real-estate products is accelerating. Landlords are under increasing pressure to manage this shift as they respond to shorter lease terms, changing occupier behaviors and needs, and niche office space requirements. At the same time, they must remain alert to new opportunities to provide additional value to occupiers, using tenant experiences, services and amenities to help differentiate in an increasingly competitive market.

Existing software products used by landlords are not designed to support these space-as-a-service environments, where efficiency, immediacy and a frictionless experience is critical for both landlord and occupier success.

essensys STEP equips landlords and asset owners with the software and technology needed to efficiently transition to a more flexible real estate model as occupier demand increases. Additionally, STEP helps bridge the gap between landlords and flexible workspace operators, allowing both to more easily work together to create seamless and comprehensive space-as-a-service solutions which are compelling for companies of all sizes.

Mark Furness, CEO at essensys, explains: “Occupiers are increasingly demanding more from their landlords and workspace experiences. They are no longer interested in rigid real-estate products that do not offer agility or support employee productivity.

“Until now landlords and asset owners have lacked the software and technology that allows for the real-time control and management of such spaces. With the essensys STEP solution, landlords are able to cost-effectively deliver move-in ready, friction-free and productive workspaces, and operating these spaces can now be simple, fast and efficient.”

Landlord considerations

  • Actively consider the opportunity to move from a passive real estate model to flexible, value-add real estate
  • Gear up to provide an agile and flexible real estate proposition via build, buy or partner options
  • Invest in the futureproofing of assets by implementing technologies, facilities and amenities that ensure their readiness for tenants’ growing demands and specific requirements
  • Review opportunities to embed technology into their value proposition in a way that simplifies space operations and removes specialist knowledge requirements when scaling-up
  • Explore partner models that allow them to deliver space solutions which remain relevant and valuable to all industry stakeholders

“When it comes to landlords stepping in and adding a flexible layer to their assets, it typically takes months to complete the transaction and activate services. With essensys STEP, we immediately flex enable the built environment so that a landlord is ready to support its own or partner flex offering from the get-go”, commented David Kinnaird, COO at essensys.

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