The World Economic Forum has reported that McKinsey believe 90% of companies anticipate a move to a hybrid operating model where employees are split between their office and home – however, as part of this approach, a third way of working is “growing increasingly popular”.


The potential monotony and distraction of working from home constantly for 18 months led to almost 2.2m people worldwide opting to work, at times, from a flexible office space during 2020 (128 times more people than in 2010). 


This desire to have access to a third space is a feature of modern tenant expectations and is here to stay; as found in recent research conducted by Verdantix (May 2021), companies deem access to a premium third space as a key tool in attracting and retaining talent (see Figure 2 in the Verdantix report). This is because of the expectation end-users have around premium, remote working experiences (see Figure 3 in the Verdantix report). 



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