The Financial Times recently covered how companies are rethinking their office spaces to compete with homes and other locations as attractive places to get work done. The article spoke to corporates to find out how they’re tackling this for their business, as well as space providers on what they’re seeing in their markets. Some interesting themes emerge, including:


  • Using savings from reduced office footprints to invest in better spaces, more aligned to a fun and engaging experience.
  • Reconfiguring spaces to provide more unallocated spaces for people to sit and work, and more differentiation between “me time” and “we time”.
  • What office spaces can offer in terms of technology, wellness and sustainability.
  • Local meeting room availability so employees local to each other can collaborate outside of the head office.
  • Ensuring employees who don’t have appropriate space to work at home, have a local option where they can work.


As companies strive to find the balance between attracting employees into the office and delivering the flexibility they’re asking for, office space providers with premium experiences and technology will stand out from the crowd.


Source: Financial Times