The intelligent digital backbone for real estate, delivering digitally enabled buildings and spaces.

The foundation to create seamless in-building and cross-portfolio experiences, generate deep insights, reduce operational complexity at scale and meet evolving customer needs today, and in the future.

essensys connect - a flex office technology platform


Our global private cloud network connects every location, delivering the best tenant experience with resilient and secure enterprise-level connectivity.

  • Resilient and secure connectivity with fibre connection to every site.
  • Multiple global data centres, certified to international security standards (ISO 27001 and SOC 2).
  • Unparalleled resilience and service performance with 24/7 monitoring and automated failover.
  • Private peering with leading cloud service providers such as AWS, Microsoft, Google and Zoom.
  • Converged network enabling seamless roaming &  frictionless experiences.
  • A simple cloud based platform to manage connectivity across your organisation.
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Remove the operational complexity of network management. Automate network operations and control your buildings and spaces from anywhere.

  • Simplify network management with one central converged network. Easily manageable by non-technical staff thanks to our unique intelligent software.
  • Instantly provision dedicated networks for portfolio wide secure device management.
  • Create secure, dedicated WiFi networks within minutes for building areas and private networks for occupiers.
  • Simply provision dedicated bandwidth & switch ports for easy infrastructure & device management.
  • Intelligent automation of provisioning removes technical complexity from network and access management.
  • Increase move in velocity, reduce tenant capex & create a more compelling proposition.
  • Single source of truth for occupier management over tenancy lifecycle.
  • Remove technical complexity from network and access management with intelligent provisioning automation.
  • Monitor your network performance with detailed insights and reports.
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an intelligent network as part of our flexible office technology platform
space management as part of our flexible office technology platform


Our platform simplifies the conversion of your physical space into the digital world. Making it easier to adapt your offering, simplify operations and deliver exceptional experiences.

  • Easily define your physical spaces, including floors, offices, desk spaces and more.
  • Adapt and manipulate inventory in real-time to quickly react to occupier needs.
  • Easily manage bookings and create licenses or contracts.
  • Ensure billing accuracy and smooth-running operations with one, easy-to-use platform.
  • Real-time insights at your fingertips.
  • Easily publish spaces to external brokers and other channels.
  • Open API enables integration with third party services and systems.
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Who uses our platform?

Serendipity Labs

Serendipity Labs is one of the fastest growing flexible workspace brands in the US and the leader in premium workplace offerings.

BioCity: Science Park

BioCity leverage essensys flexible workspace technology at their Glasgow location to drive revenue and reduce churn.

Carr Workplaces


“We chose to go on this journey with essensys to differentiate ourselves in an increasingly competitive industry” - Ashley Buckner, Chief Operating Officer