WiFi that works

WiFi is essential for the workspace. As a landlord or operator who’s offering digital services to tenants, providing a great WiFi experience is even more essential.

essensys Platform enables you to control and manage your WiFi service using software and automation to provision users with secure WiFi access.

To ensure a seamless WiFi experience, it’s critical to ensure that the WiFi network uses up-to-date hardware, has been designed with your workspace in mind, is installed correctly and receives ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

For customers wanting to offer the best WiFi experience possible to their tenants, essensys offers a fully managed service.

Diagram depicting customer journey in an office - moving between different spaces

essensys WiFi service

WiFi network hardware

All hardware required to run a high-performance WiFi network throughout your building or space

Best-in-class hardware from reputable vendors

Fully compatible with essensys Platform

Design & installation

15+ years experience designing and delivering WiFi for shared workspaces

Designed for high-density environments and maximum throughput

Post-installation survey using thousands of checkpoints

flexbile spaces

Monitored & managed

24/7 wireless network health monitoring

Constant device heartbeat to detect and resolve issues before they have an impact

Automated issue interrogation, diagnostics and resolution, with engineers on hand when required


Segregated VLANs for every tenant, providing everyone with their own virtual network

Every occupier receives unique login credentials – no shared passwords

Industry standard authentication protocol (802.1x) allowing users to access their secure network throughout your connected spaces

High-performance WiFi, designed for shared workspaces

WiFi uses radio waves operating in a crowded spectrum. Adjacent WiFi networks interfere with each other, which is especially challenging when multiple tenants occupier the same building.

essensys Platform controls all of the WiFi access points in a workspace, using one common software to manage them all as a single network, ensuring there is no disruption.

A single access point can broadcast multiple network names (SSIDs), but once you go beyond three the overhead starts to reduce the effective payload.

We have a smarter way: providing everyone their own discrete part of the single network. We carve up the single network into different VLANs. Each user gets access one based on username and password and is electronically secured by the system.

We use the industry standard authentication protocol (802.11x), but the way we apply it makes the difference. You can allow someone to move anywhere (gym, coffee shop, reception…) and still access their own secure network perfectly, rather than jumping on to a public or guest network.

Intelligent automation, not overworked engineers

With essensys Platform we make provisioning networks, simple, repeatable and efficient. All made possible through intelligent automation.

We monitor, alert and respond.

Every 60 seconds, essensys Platform sends out a heartbeat to every device on your network, which allows for instant recognition of any issues, and the triggering of an automated workflow service should it be required.

Through intelligent automation issues can be detected in seconds, solving any problems quickly, before they impact the end customer experience.

With clear, simple communications we keep your teams informed.

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