Create a more adaptable workspace

The essensy Platform enables the conversion of physical space into the digital world.

Making it easier to adapt offerings, meet customer demands, simplify operations and deliver exceptional experiences.

Key points

The tools you need to exceed customers expectations.

Space mapping

Convert physical spaces into the digital world.

Define your spaces - floors, offices, desk spaces, and more.

Once mapped, easily and quickly provision services to these spaces.

Occupancy insights

Get visibility into building and space occupancy.

Real-time insights, portfolio-wide.

Make better decisions, faster, by understanding how your spaces are used.


Make changes to your buildings and spaces faster.

Adapt your offerings to the growing needs of occupiers.

Enhance the flexibility of your workspaces and efficiency of operations.

Seamless experiences

Unique, frictionless occupier experiences - from access control to room booking.

Real-time responsiveness.

Portfolio-wide consistency.

Map your spaces

When the physical spaces within your buildings are mapped in the essensys Platform, it provides the key to creating adaptability and seamless experiences.

Our space mapping capability simplifies the conversion of your physical spaces into the digital world, allowing you to easily define your spaces. Floors, rooms, desks, and more, can all be mapped, allowing digital services to be turned on or off at the click of a button.

We help you create flexibility and adaptability. You can change how your spaces are being used to optimise what your occupiers want. The essensys Platform enables you to provision digital services, such as WiFi, in real-time. You can also make spaces bookable and control who has access to them.

Dynamic booking

Make your spaces bookable. Our Dynamic Booking solution enables you to configure spaces, such as meeting rooms, to be bookable. Your occupiers can easily check the availability of spaces, and book them, in real-time.

The essensys Platform has integrated booking and availability tools to manage bookable spaces and define booking rules. It enables you to stay in control of bookings, giving you visibility and control across your entire portfolio.

Assign charges to each space, and ensure these are recorded each time an occupier makes a booking.

Display up-to-date information to your occupiers, such as availability, or meeting time remaining, across digital screens. Customise the font, imagery and layout to promote your branding across spaces, and deliver a professional look across your portfolio.

Smart Access

Secure, seamless access control. Our Smart Access solution allows occupiers to interact with physical space in a contactless and secure way. It also opens up possibilities for seamless journeys throughout your spaces and across your sites.

Smart Access gives you full control over access rights – easily manage which occupiers can access which spaces. Control entry to spaces – such as meeting rooms – to enhance privacy. And give your occupiers the ability to enter spaces quickly, easily and conveniently using their smartphone using touchless NFC technology.

Create truly seamless journeys when you combine the power of Smart Access with Dynamic Booking. Enable occupiers to check availability, book and enter a room using only their smartphone – all in real-time.

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