Secure by design

Digital security is a key component to operating a successful workspace. Landlords and operators who offer digital services to tenants must ensure that these are secure.

Ensuring security in shared workspaces becomes even more important. Multiple users can share the same internet connection and use shared devices (such as printers). It’s essential to have security and compliance measures in place to protect the workspace’s digital infrastructure and the data and privacy of its users.

essensys security & compliance

Our accreditations

ISO9001: for quality management.

ISO27001: for information security.

SOC2: for cybersecurity controls.

Our platform

Regular audits by a specialist third-party covering all elements of essensys services: SaaS platform, network services and Global Private Network

Secure, encrypted interfaces for communication with third-party internet-based platforms

24/7 device health monitoring, automated resolution and proactive case creation

Our network

A cloud-based private network built for the needs of multi-tenanted real estate – hosted in global data centres

Strong protection for all segments of the network connected to public internet

24/7 managed firewall and cybersecurity

Your workspace

Minimal on-site hardware required

Private VLANs for every tenant, authenticated using 802.1x and RADIUS protocols, providing every individual with unique login credentials (not shared passwords)

Control physical access credentials to your workspace remotely, via essensys Platform

Secure WiFi for your workspace

essensys Platform provides secure WiFi access that can be used by all occupiers and guests.

Users are provided with a unique tenant VLAN. This is achieved using 802.1x based authentication and RADIUS protocol. By taking this approach, we enable:

  • Ease of decommissioning of users and enhanced security. When users leave, or cease to be employed by an occupier, revoking user access to the WiFi network can be carried out by simply disabling their individual account.
  • Per-user data gathering makes it easier to determine how many users are in different spaces/locations across different times of day, rather than just counting devices. essensys Platform offers occupancy tracking and reporting based on these insights.
  • A system that directs users into the correct VLAN, rather than using multiple SSIDs each tied to a VLAN.
  • Clients to administer Network Access Control (NAC) for WiFi secure occupiers, where only preapproved users or devices can gain access to network services.


For guests, wireless LAN access is time limited and based on short term access via a guest portal. Guests are added to a shared VLAN with no access to tenant VLAN traffic, and hosts on this network are isolated from one another.

Find out more about essensys WiFi here.

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