Unlock new levels of efficiency

Our unique automation engine is central to the essensys Platform.

It allows you to provision digital services, such as WiFi and access permissions, to spaces and occupiers within your buildings all at the touch of a button.

We simplify network management across your operations. A single powerful network centrally controlled through the essensys Platform. New networks, tenants and occupiers can be created instantly.

By simplifying and automating network management, we remove the complexity from your operations, reducing the amount of time and technical resource traditionally required to manually create and manage these activities.

By removing these complex tasks we enable you to react quicker to customer requirements and focus your time and resources on activities that add more value to your operation.

Key points

Unique to essensys

Intelligent network automation is our own proprietary technology.

It’s been built by us, specifically to meet the operational needs of multi-tenanted buildings.

It is unique to us, and allows the essensys Platform to easily adapt to your needs.

Automated, real-time provisioning

Orchestrate all common tasks and resources across the infrastructure stack.

Speed up tenant move-in and member onboarding.

Provision digital services easily and instantly.

Simplified network management

Allow non-technical personnel to carry out day-to-day network tasks.

Remove the need for IT engineers to conduct moves, adds or changes.

Instantly provision digital services to users and spaces.

Network insights

Proactively monitor network health, status and performance.

Self-healing network properties to detect, diagnose and resolve issues before they become incidents.

Visibility of networks, devices and users within buildings.

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