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essensys Platform controls and automates the complex processes involved in managing and provisioning digital services to users, devices and spaces.

To do this, an internet connection is required, along with compatible on-site hardware.

There are various options for procuring and managing an internet connection to your building or workspace:

  • essensys Global Private Network
  • essensys managed Direct Internet Access (DIA)
  • Bring your own

essensys Global Private Network

  • Direct connection to our purpose-built global private network, located in multiple tier 4 data centres across key regions.

  • We manage, monitor and maintain network performance end-to-end.

  • This option is the highest-performance and includes full network monitoring and reporting via essensys Platform, automatic IP failover and requires minimal on-site hardware.

  • Options for primary circuit only, or primary and backup circuits.

  • *Only available in USA and UK.


    essensys managed DIA

  • Procurement and management of circuits from a local internet service provider(s) (ISP).

  • We manage the procurement and ongoing relationship with the ISP(s).

  • Security, backups and service levels (SLAs) are passed through from the ISP.

  • This option is fully managed by essensys, requires some additional on-site hardware and does not include automatic IP failover or full network monitoring and reporting via essensys Platform.

  • Options for primary circuit only, or primary and backup circuits.
  • Bring your own

  • Utilise your existing ISP connection or manage this service in-house.

  • Internet connectivity is procured and managed by you.

  • We recommend specific parameters for optimal performance to end users:
    • 1Gbps+
    • Symmetrical
    • Uncontended

  • This option requires you to manage, monitor and maintain internet connectivity and ISP relationships.
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