This complaint policy is applicable for essensys UK customers, with an existing contract directly with essesnsys Ltd. Customer Support cases or change requests should not be logged as a complaint. These should be raised through the essensys platform.

If you’re an essensys Ltd UK customer and have a contract directly with essensys Ltd and need to complain about the services you receive, you can contact essensys by using the methods listed below.

Tel: 020 3102 5235 (ask for the Customer Service Team) | Email: [email protected] | Post: Complaints, essensys Ltd, Aldgate Tower, Leman Street, London, E1 8FA.

Please provide the following information:

i. The main details of your complaint

ii. Your company name

iii. Your name, email address, and telephone number


If you are an essensys UK customer with 10 or less employees, and you have a contract directly with essensys Ltd and your complaint remains unresolved after eight weeks (subject always to any other timeframe as specified by applicable law) or if we agree in writing that the dispute should be settled by Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) you may contact The Ombudsman Services: Communications as follows:

Tel: 0330 440 1614 | e-mail: [email protected] | Website: | Post: Ombudsman Services: Communications, PO Box 730, Warrington, WA4 6WU.

Ombudsman Services: Communications is a third party arbitrator who will take evidence from both you and essensys Ltd to make an independent decision based on the merits of the case. Ombudsman Services: Communications will only handle disputes for businesses with ten employees or fewer who spend less than £5000.00 per annum.

If you have followed the steps above but are still dissatisfied, you may register a complaint that will be considered by OFCOM. Ofcom cannot alter an Ombudsman Services: Communications decision, nor can Ofcom ask for the decision to be reviewed.

Tel: 020 7981 3040 or 0300 123 333 | Email: [email protected] | Website: | Post: Ofcom Contact, Centre Riverside House, 2a Southwark Bridge Road, London, SE1 9HA.