Many occupiers are finding themselves working in offices that aren't fit for purpose.

What does this mean for the future of the office? And how can technology in a building help to meet the needs of the modern workforce?This whitepaper looks at the trends shaping the office market and gives advice on how landlords and operators can future-proof their portfolio.

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For real estate owners and operators looking to future-proof their assets, providing more optionality, adaptability and flexibility is crucial.

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Insights from the experts

Michael Kloppenburg, Vice President, Avison Young

Whether managing amenity spaces or providing fully serviced office suites, every landlord should be delivering a seamless tenant experience through technology, like the essensys Platform.

Mark Burge, President, Flex Workspace Solutions

Managing and maintaining a flexible workspace requires efficient operations and the ability to adapt to changing customer needs, which can be complex and resource-intensive.

Liz Elam, Founder of GCUC Global

The biggest benefit of a flexible real estate strategy is that we are finally changing an archaic industry that was ripe for change. Technology can help us streamline utilization and learn more about how we can improve efficiencies. If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

Davey Friedman, VP, Real Estate, Arch Amenities Group

Although tenants are signing up for less space than they did before, they are paying significant premiums for "Activated Assets"--and that means there is a huge value creation opportunity for owners who reposition their assets strategically.

Hear from the industry experts - Preview

Faye Stutts, National Director of Coworking Partnerships, Vari

The demand for a flexible short-term solution is significantly increasing and not changing any time soon. While some landlords have taken the plunge and started drinking the water, many are still trying to figure out how to incorporate this solution into their business model. The ones that are still scratching their heads are missing out on opportunities and most importantly, REVENUE. The lack of knowledge, market data, and resources on how to erase everything they have been taught when negotiating a deal is the main factor. Some are simply resistant to sell any other way but the “traditional” way, which is causing the decline in CRE occupancy nationwide.

Some landlords see the “smaller” short term deals as a waste of time while others, who have executed on a flex program, are signing 6–36-month leases at triple the rents. Having a turnkey solution with the right partners is key to their successes. Corporations are paying for the convenience of services that come with flex. This includes a strong technology platform, common areas, amenities, and flexible solutions etc.

Flex spaces offer flexibility for companies to test out the market before putting ink to paper for the next 10 years. Eliminating the risk of losing millions of dollars in company overhear is why flex is here to stay!

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