WorkAbility Selects essensys for Denver Landmark Building Workspace Concept

By Amanda Fanoun
31.05.18 ·

WorkAbility, the latest shared workspace concept to hit Denver, is bridging history and modern working in this up-and-coming coworking market. The team at WorkAbility is rewriting the history of their Landmark Collection of buildings including the Clubhouse at the Lang, the Sudler Building, and the Old Boilermakers Union, which is due to open in the spring of 2019. They have selected essensys to drive efficiency in their operation, excellence in the member experience, and a thriving community.

Implementing a Proper Workspace Management System

This April, the Clubhouse at the Lang, WorkAbility’s first shared workspace was launched. Shortly after, they realized they needed a proper workspace management system to run their first location. “It became obvious that every time we needed to solve a problem around the workspace, we needed to incorporate a new piece of software,” said Caroline Lofts, Marketing Director at WorkAbility.

Adding up the cost and resources to implement multiple pieces of software would become an economic burden on the organization. What’s more, the WorkAbility team quickly understood that different workspace software tools and systems don’t speak to each other. The lack of integration coupled with the resource expenditure to manage each tool on the backend would wind up draining their wallet.

For the team at WorkAbility, Operate by essensys was the clear choice to ensure comprehensive and scalable management that consolidates all workspace tools under a single platform. With two flexible office locations on the map and a third on the way, it was essential to implement a centralized system from which their staff could manage customer accounts; it was vital for both staff and members to have direct access to their workspace experience, accounts, and communications. “Operate is a large umbrella that covers intricate workspace features,” explained Caroline.

Full-Circle Processes for a Dynamic Workspace Business

Being new to the flexible workspace industry the WorkAbility team began seeking an all-encompassing piece of software. After researching, they came across many single-point solutions that would fail to deliver scalable, long-term solutions to multi-faceted workspace challenges. The point to point functionality offered by Operate promised the full-circle approach to processes that WorkAbility was after.

Starting and finishing processes such as payments and transactions within the same piece of software is a value-add to a dynamic business such as a shared workspace. From web-to-lead tour booking, desk purchasing, onboarding and invoicing for services consumed, Operate saves time and resources spent on mundane administrative tasks.

System of Record for a Growing Workspace Operation

Operate removes the need to access separate systems to collect information needed to carry out any task from billing to onboarding. A single system of record enables the WorkAbility team to have a full view of member accounts and activities in the workspace, making community management and business projections that much easier.

“Keeping a close and accurate eye on what your community members do or don’t do, need or don’t need, better position you to improve the member experience,” explained Caroline. The WorkAbility team needed a fully integrated system to store and access all member and business intelligence, saving precious time otherwise spent manually accessing multiple, disparate workspace tools.

Purpose-Built for Workspace Operators by Workspace Operators

After only a few short months, WorkAbility’s Clubhouse at the Lang is already at capacity, with memberships running across all locations. They are expanding their amenities, offering services such as a podcast studio, yoga studio, gym, lecture hall, library, coffee bar, and dog salon. They are both highly active and very strongly supported by the Denver community and are participating in the Denver Start-Up Week this September.

Being a mover and shaker in a booming market leaves little room for the WorkAbility team to get buried in the nitty-gritty of day-to-day workspace management. Choosing Operate by essensys was the promising way forward. The platform, designed by workspace operators, has evolved in parallel with the demands of the flexible workspace industry and positions WorkAbility to operate efficiently and to scale with success.