What Multi-Site Operators Want to Know About Technology for Coworking Spaces

technology for coworking spaces

Your workspace business enters a whole new world when you open up your second coworking site and beyond. If you weigh up the potential overhead of a multi-site flexible workspace business compared to a single site, the increased effort and costs can seem intimidating, especially when considering the right technology for your coworking spaces. Whether…

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GCUC UK touches down in London

The UK is about to get a bit juicier as GCUC (Global Coworking Unconference Conference – pronounced ‘juicy’) finally touches down in London this September with GCUC UK. We’re very excited that the biggest coworking event has arrived in London and we’re running through what you can expect for the very first GCUC UK. Day…

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Product to Service: How Landlords are Taking on Flex-Space

Antony Slumbers, a self-made prop-tech expert and upcoming Flex-Office Conference keynote speaker, spoke to essensys about the burgeoning flex-space market and how it’s impacting the commercial real estate value chain. Slumbers paints an optimistic picture of the relationship between property holders and coworking and flexible workspace operators, alike. Read below for a sneak peek of his…

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How Bruntwood Chose essensys To Introduce A New Wave of Workspace

As part of a project to offer new ways of working to its customers, Bruntwood chose to implement Connect software by essensys to power two of its latest workspaces Neo and Platform. With an extensive portfolio of office and retail space across Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Birmingham, Bruntwood wanted to work with essensys to introduce…

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Workspace Finances: Three Pillars to Commercial Stability in the Coworking Market

Whether you’re launching, managing or expanding your shared workspace operation, there are three essential factors to strive for when it comes to securing stability of your workspace finances. In a market sensitive to economic shifts and consumer demands, serviced office and commercial real estate stakeholders must focus on: efficiency, scalability, and control within their organizations.…

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5 Ways to Be Profitable and Grow Your Shared Workspace

5 Wayt to be Profitable & Grow Your Workspace

If you’re operating across numerous locations or have an expansion on the cards, maintaining strong financial growth across your flexible workspace portfolio will always be a key focus. However, there are some easily avoidable mistakes which can have a significant impact on your finances that happen all too often. To make sure you’re avoiding these…

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2017: Setting the Stage for the Tomorrow’s Workspace Market

Workspace Market Recap

With 2017 coming to a close, let’s look back at the most important stories that defined the Coworking and workspace market. But first, we must recall that back in 2016 Coworking was still finding its place within the office sector. It was referred to in abundance as a “revolution,” a trendy yet not always profitable…

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