With our proven enterprise-ready flexible workspace technology, you can transform your buildings and your business.

We’re the global leader for delivering the digital services and office experiences that occupiers demand. The next generation of flexible real estate is here, and we’re ready to power a world that works differently.

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The complete platform for flexible workspaces.

Flexible real estate is happening now, and it’s happening fast. Occupiers are demanding greater flexibility and exceptional in-building experiences. Meeting these expectations can bring significant risk, cost and complexity. essensys provide all the software and technology you need to overcome these challenges while scaling with confidence.

Flex Services Platform

We put you in control. We give you a complete platform with the software and digital infrastructure needed to deliver next-generation flexible workspace experiences. A platform that streamlines and automates processes so you can get occupiers up and running in lightning-quick time, and deliver secure on-demand services now and in the future.

Digital Infrastructure
Space Management
Flexible Operations
Occupier Experience
Digital Infrastructure

Digital Infrastructure

Our Flex Services Platform is built on a secure, resilient digital infrastructure. It’s designed to enable and interact with the devices and applications that deliver great in-building experiences today and in the future.

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Space Management

Space Management

Simplify the definition of spaces and services, with a ‘digital twin’ built into the Flex Services Platform. Assign doors, sensors and printers at the click of a button, and simplify reporting. Make it easier to adapt your offering and quicker for occupiers to move in.

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Flexible Operations

Flexible Operations

Maximise insights and profitability, while ensuring accuracy, by streamlining and automating workspace processes. Integrate with other best-of-breed platforms for the ultimate flexible workspace technology operating layer.

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Occupier Experience

Occupier Experience

Attract and retain more long-term occupants with a platform built to transform every aspect of the occupier experience. Our digital infrastructure and software applications streamline how occupiers adopt, use and interact with your spaces, making them more productive and self-sufficient.

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We help landlords deliver exceptional offices. We enable flexible workspace providers to offer effective, scalable experiences. All with one platform.


Our platform enables premium experiences to help you attract and retain your occupiers.


No hidden charges or nasty surprises. With predictable, manageable costs, you can operate profitably – and so can your occupiers.


Digital infrastructure that adapts quickly and efficiently to your growing real estate portfolio.


Software and technology built on private cloud infrastructure that conforms to the highest security standards.


Since 2006, essensys has provided the software and technology for hundreds of flexible workspace providers and more than 20 million sq ft of flexible office space around the world.


Build truly dynamic, mobile-first workspaces where your occupiers are productive, happy and always connected.

Customer success stories

Cushman & Wakefield

Chicago, USA

"essensys starts with connectivity, but ultimately tackles the entire customer life cycle. They take the pain out of high-intensity management of flexible space" - Tim Wood, Technology Director

Tishman Speyer

New York, USA

“We knew we needed to provide a scalable, premium technology and digital experience, but quickly found it wasn’t practical to do it on our own. To achieve the required level of security, resilience and flexibility, we needed the essensys platform” - Michael Caracciolo, Senior Director

Carr Workplaces


“We chose to go on this journey with essensys to differentiate ourselves in an increasingly competitive industry” - Ashley Buckner, Chief Operating Officer


"essensys is transforming the way our team and members engage with our workspaces." - Rachael Gursky, VP of Customer Experience and Technology

Oxford Innovation

"As part of our offering, we deliver utilities and building infrastructure to take the pain from the day to day running for our customers. However, we weren’t convinced we were offering the cutting-edge, innovative solution, which is why we chose the essensys platform" - Kelly Carter, Commercial Manager, Oxford Innovation