Manage, understand & optimise your portfolio

Co-ordinate occupiers, spaces & digital services – with automated on/offboarding & centralised identity & access management.
Unique insights into space utilisation & digital experience – helping you understand how your spaces are used & the digital experience within them.
Frictionless in-building journeys, powered by automation, integrations & mobile-first access & space bookings capabilities.

The platform trusted by leading landlords & workspace operators

“essensys is more than a vendor; they’re a strategic partner propelling Carr Workplaces toward innovation, helping us to provide exceptional member experiences.”


Co-ordinate occupiers, spaces and digital services at the click of a button.

Automated onboarding & offboarding
Spin up & close down occupier accounts instantly with the ability to onboard & offboard within a few clicks.
Enterprise-level WiFi access
Provide every user with access to secure WiFi with enterprise-level authentication & encryption, managed in real-time.
Identity & access management
A central source of truth to manage which users can access spaces & services across your portfolio.


Reveal the true relationship between your spaces & your occupiers.

Understand your spaces & occupiers like never before
We aggregate multiple proprietary datasets to surface high-resolution, high-fidelity insights that help you understand how your spaces are used & the digital experience within them.
Space utilisation & digital experience (DX)
Understand space utilisation & DX in real-time, plus track & analyse trends over time, to identify key leading indicators to risk & opportunity across your portfolio.
Unmatched accuracy & depth
Get a deeper understanding of your spaces & occupiers, with the ability to explore insights at a granular level – from portfolio-level right down to user-level.


Deliver frictionless, digitally-enabled spaces that delight your occupiers.

Mobile access & space bookings
Powerful mobile-first access & booking journeys that enable users to interact digitally with your spaces.
Automated & integrated
Deliver frictionless digital journeys throughout your spaces, powered by automation & integrations.
Fully connected spaces
Enable users to move freely throughout your spaces – & across your portfolio – with a seamless WiFi experience.

Enterprise-level security & compliance

Enterprise-level security & compliance that meets the needs of every client.

essensys Platform assures data stays secure & private, using WPA-Enterprise, 802.1x & RADIUS.

We’re also accredited to the highest standards – including ISO9001, ISO27001 & SOC2.

Interoperable & open

Our Open REST API enables essensys Platform to be connected to any other system.

Create your optimal tech stack & streamline workflows with custom integrations.

Driving real business value for customers…


“Hines has been able to achieve a rent premium of up to 2.5x with The Square.”

“The Willard, a premier building, makes over $100,000 a year in additional revenue directly tied to essensys from digital services.”

Join some of the world’s leading
CRE operators using essensys Platform.

“Wherever there’s The Square, we’re​ going to use essensys Platform. That’s a no brainer.”


What is essensys Platform and how does it benefit commercial real estate landlords & flexible space operators?

essensys Platform is a comprehensive business tool designed for multi-site, multi-tenant space operators. It enables landlords and flexible workspace operators to:

  1. Automate and manage secure WiFi access.
  2. Get high-resolution, high-fidelity intelligence on space utilisation and digital experience.
  3. Deliver fully connected, digital-first in-building experiences.

essensys Platform makes it more efficient and effective to deliver the varying types of spaces, leases and services that today’s occupiers demand.

How does essensys Platform help drive occupancy, increase yield and reduce operating costs?

essensys Platform helps landlords and flexible workspace operators drive occupancy, increase yield and reduce operating costs. This is done in multiple ways, including:


  1. Removing complexity from day-to-day operations via automation.
  2. Surfacing meaningful insights, including risks and opportunities, to drive commercial performance.
  3. Providing better experiences by understanding occupier behaviours and preferences, and delivering frictionless digital experiences.

Is essensys Platform a network/IT management solution?

essensys Platform provides the ability to manage WiFi access – but this is just a small part of what it truly offers. essensys Platform is a powerful business tool for multi-site landlords and flexible workspace operators. With the added value of intelligence into space utilisation and digital experience, and the ability to enable powerful, digital-first in-building experiences, essensys Platform offers far more than other WiFi/network/IT management platforms.


If you’re still looking to manage your digital infrastructure and distribute your network – then essensys Platform can handle that, too. With our Network Orchestrator capability, you can control and configure your network hardware via our software.

Is essensys Platform a space management solution?

Most space management solutions provide an “all-in-one” style solution to managing a flexible workspace. essensys Platform provides some capabilities that crossover into traditional space management, but is designed to work hand-in-hand with other space management solutions to enhance the operational, commercial and experiential benefits of both platforms.


Our customers often use essensys Platform as a central piece of their tech stack, enabling the provision of secure WiFi access, surfacing detailed insights, and enabling powerful room booking and access control journeys. Our software is designed to integrate with other best-in-breed solutions.

Can essensys Platform integrate with my existing technology stack?

Yes, essensys Platform is designed to integrate with your existing technology stack through its Open REST API. This allows you to create a customised tech stack, streamline workflows, and enhance the overall functionality of your portfolio management.

What security does essensys Platform offer?

essensys Platform provides enterprise-level security and compliance, using WPA-Enterprise, 802.1x, and RADIUS for secure WiFi access. It is accredited to ISO9001, ISO27001, and SOC2 standards, ensuring data security and privacy.