The Biggest Cybersecurity Threats Facing Flex Spaces

Find out how to fight the biggest cybersecurity threats facing your flex space portfolio with the help of a flex space management platform.

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Why connectivity is so important when facing an operator giveback

There are a number of priorities that need to be considered when facing a flex space giveback - security, staffing, compliance but most importantly connectivity.

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Understanding True Occupancy in Your Multi-Tenant Spaces

There are some key factors in ensuring office space is used efficiently and profitably - one of these factors is occupancy tracking.

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12 Best Flexible Workspace Platforms for 2024

Get to know the top flexible workspace platforms that are revolutionising workspace management and tenant experiences.

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Data Protection in Flex Spaces: Essential Practices

Strategies to improve cybersecurity within your shared workspaces

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Navigating operational complexity in dynamic spaces: From single site to portfolio management

Managing a single dynamic workspace is one thing, but what about a whole portfolio? Explore the challenges and solutions in this blog.

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