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Intelligence Engine

We’re excited to announce our latest product development coming to essensys Platform: Intelligence Engine.


Intelligence Engine provides high-resolution, high-fidelity insights into Space Utilisation & Digital Experience – allowing you to truly understand your occupiers and spaces in more depth than ever before.


Drive real business value, using these insights to make strategic decisions with confidence. Understand your occupiers and their journeys through your spaces so you can reduce operating costs, drive occupancy and increase yield p.s.f. โ€“ across your whole portfolio.


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Understand your occupiers & spaces

like never before ๐Ÿ”

  • Get a true understanding of how occupiers use & experience your spaces
  • Identify trends & track performance across your portfolio
  • Customise the view โ€“ select the time period & choose between portfolio-, site- and occupier-level
  • Meaningful insights into Space Utilisation & Digital Experience โ€‹
  • Access to high-resolution, high-fidelity data for an accurate, in-depth understandingโ€‹
  • Snapshot & detailed analysis views available, using real-time & historic dataโ€‹

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Intelligence Engine FAQs

What is Intelligence Engine?

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Intelligence Engine provides essensys Platform customers with high-resolution, high-fidelity insights into Space Utilisation & Digital Experience. Using our proprietary datasets and advanced pattern recognition, Intelligence Engine surfaces insights that tell operators how their spaces are actually used and experienced.

How do I get Intelligence Engine?

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Intelligence Engine is available to essensys Platform customers.

Existing customers can reach out to their CSM to discover more and book a demo.

New customers can register for a demo and stay informed using the link below.

What insights does Intelligence Engine provide?

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Intelligence Engine surfaces insights into 2 core areas:

    1. Space Utilisation: Understand how occupiers actually use your spaces – who, what, where, when. Dive into who’s using your spaces, what types of spaces are in-demand, movement patterns, and much more, with the ability to get real-time snapshots and highlight trends over time.
    2. Digital Experience: Understand the digital experience from your end-users perspective. Identify and resolve issues proactively, with visibility over key DX indicators – such as bandwidth usage, failed WiFi logins and AP loading.

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