Europe, 21/06/2022


Brain embassy goes global with essensys

Brain Embassy, the first global co-creating brand by Adgar Investment & Development Ltd. has joined essensys’ ever-growing community of tech-driven, flexible workspace operators. Since launching in 2016, the company operates six sites in Tel Aviv, Poland, and Belgium. They are expanding rapidly and have ambitious growth plans with new sites being deployed in Poland, Tel Aviv and Toronto, in the near future.

The brains behind the embassy

The concept behind Brain Embassy, which is a unique workspace managed by the building owners, is to allow Adgar to provide members with a space that caters for the full life cycle of their business.

This starts right at the beginning from a freelancer using a desk, to the other end of the spectrum when they have expanded to a 200-employee company and need three floors of workspace.

Oren Gozlan, Brain Embassy Israel General Manager states “No matter what life cycle stage a member is in, everything stays under the same roof. We took the idea of coworking to the next level, creating a place to work and live like nowhere else”

Brain Embassy makes sure that the wow effect doesn’t just stop at the entrance. Every room has a full concept behind it to ensure members can evolve and be at their most productive.

“essensys see Brain Embassy as a partner, not just a customer – we also value essensys as a partner rather than just another vendor.”


Oren believes “the quality of furniture and design is part of the DNA of the Brain Embassy. The uncompromising commitment to quality is our unique fingerprint, identified with the Brain Embassy in each of the brand’s branches. We are committed to a standard that is nothing less than the state of the art in its field. A standard that allows the members to enjoy the ideal environment to create, initiate, share, develop and succeed, following the most advanced conceptions currently practiced throughout the world.”

This collaborative atmosphere combined with the open plan setting, helpful staff and aesthetics create a high-end workspace experience. What you get when you step into the Brain Embassy is a premium vibe at a price point that won’t break your bank account.

Why essensys

With the lead up to the grand opening of the Tel Aviv location, Brain Embassy invested heavily into marketing and lead generation. They required a solution that would simplify lead management, making the process automated and seamless, taking their sales process to the next level. Before essensys, they relied on Excel which was manual, complex and restrictive. It made no financial or practical sense to invest in such a big marketing push to then inefficiently manage the sales process using a manual tool like Excel. Oren states, “One of the first things I said when I joined in January 2019, is that there is no chance we are opening Tel Aviv and Belgium on excel. We need a software solution to support us”.

Prior to essensys, Brain Embassy worked with a combination of workspace tools to take care of things such as meeting room management and community member portal. However, the major downfall was that in wishing to add to the system (CRM and events for example) was an additional 3rd party integration. They wanted a comprehensive and seamless experience, offering an all-in-one solution.

At one point they had the intention of doing in-house development however the cost, time to market and ongoing maintenance were not justifiable. “We’d have to build our own software department to make it the exact platform that we need.”

As a result, Brain Embassy integrated with essensys software, to manage the day-to-day coworking operations across their Poland, Belgium and Tel Aviv locations.

“After reviewing many alternatives, we noticed there was nobody on the market that was a one-stop-shop for our needs. The platform gives us everything we need to manage our workspaces.”


Having an efficient and easy to use system to help manage the sales process was essential for Brain Embassy. Adding to this they also benefit from further essential process automation including meeting room management, member portal and community collaboration, license creation, member management and more.

A partner, not just a customer


“A huge benefit of essensys is that I can monitor everything that is going on in my space or globally in real-time – everything is in the system, there’s nothing on paper or locked in the sales team heads.”


Brain Embassy marketing teams can also see the value of different campaigns undertaken. For example, with a Facebook campaign they have the option to build a dedicated landing page or contact us form. They can analyse how many leads come from each campaign and easily identify which marketing tactics are most effective. The sales and marketing teamwork in harmony, which simplifies day to day operations for the management team.

“essensys is delighted to welcome the Brain Embassy team to our community of tech-driven flexible work-spaces,” says Michael Guest, Chief Revenue Officer at essensys. “We are excited to be the technology powering the new site in Tel Aviv and the future expansion plans, enabling Brain Embassy to run an efficient and seamless operation, whilst delivering the most sophisticated member experience.”

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