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Building a best-in-class workspace

The workplace is a critical component of the future of work – but how it’s used is constantly changing. Considerations around workspace transformation and technology strategy are essential to understand the gaps and opportunities in your office proposition strategy.

Global market intelligence firm, IDC, identified a best-in-class framework to support new working patterns while meeting the evolving requirements of today’s office stakeholders. Commissioned by essensys, IDC’s research team conducted in-depth interviews with leading flexible workspace providers and enterprise occupiers to identify the building blocks needed to enable a best-in-class workspace.

These insights together with IDC’s technology maturity model will help landlords and office operators identify where they sit on the technology adoption curve and what steps to take towards effective workspace transformation.

The Infobrief highlights the challenges and common practices in the workspace and offers insight into what comprises a best-in-class approach to key building blocks.

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Consistent experiences

Working across multiple locations creates complexity for office providers and end users alike. Uniformity in services and access is key to unlocking the best experiences for a productive work experience.

Seamless Journeys

Embracing hybrid work demands the ability to move friction-free between core working locations as well as digital environments across workspaces.

Purpose-driven workspaces

Hybrid work is an approach that allows employees to determine when and how they want to use the workspace. The challenge for space providers is knowing when and how to activate the spaces and services they need.

World-class service delivery

Additional workplace services are helping to bring employees back to the office. But offering an integrated platform where services can be accessed friction free remains a challenge for space providers and their tenants.


Space providers struggle to capture and analyze real-time data on portfolio performance. Without such data points, space providers cannot proactively respond to changing tenant needs.

Technology excellence

An unstructured and decentralized approach to technology misses the mark on security, compliance and usability. Space providers must look to foster effective, productive and collaborative environments via an integrated workspace technology strategy.

Learn more about IDC’s framework and building blocks for Best-in-Class workspaces to align your strategy to today’s shifting market trends.

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