Convert leads quicker and delight prospects at every step of the sales journey.

essensys allows sales and marketing teams to optimise response times to leads and improve tour to deal ratios by automating workflows

essensys is home to all of your sales and marketing activity. From lead to cash, every step of the sales journey can be easily automated, tracked and reported on to increase conversion and help make data-driven decisions to drive revenue and enhance prospect engagement

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Provide a seamless experience from enquiry to membership

You can improve your tour to deal ratio by improving response time for leads generated on your website and being the first to respond to broker generated leads. Setting up calls or meetings and sending relevant documentation can be done with a few clicks. You can start promoting your workspace tours online by making use of web-to-lead forms that make it easy to capture information. Using advanced workflows and triggers will help you move prospects along the sales cycle quicker. When the prospect is close to making a decision you can create and send customised quotes.

Create an active community

You can provide your tenants and members with access to a community portal where they can set up profiles, interact with you and peers, find out details of upcoming events and book or renew services. By opting in to the perks hub, both you and your customers can create and socialize service offerings and promotions. You can encourage collaboration and networking between customers, helping them grow their business by sourcing and offering services within your workspace.

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Insight driven decision making

Generate more demand and revenue by getting a full picture of the best-performing lead sources. Know your enquiry to tour and opportunity to membership conversion rates so you can generate enough pipeline and launch supporting campaigns when needed.

Marketplace: Package, price and sell

You can provide your customers with a marketplace of IT to compliment your space. Upsell customers IT services through your own branded online interface that allows for self-service, automated provisioning of services and the billing process.

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Focus on revenue generating activities

With automated workflows in place, your staff have more time to concentrate on impactful activities, from developing your customer base to building a community and upselling services. Let workflow automation soak up lower value tasks, such as checking database duplicates and setting reminders. Concentrating on higher value activities has the extra benefit of boosting staff morale and fostering innovation.

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