Real-time visibility of the whole business for workspace owners, CEOs and MDs

One dashboard to view every metric of how your business is performing with real-time, actionable insight to help drive revenue for you.

essensys is home to all of your core business activity, meaning that you can take a quick real-time snapshot of your business through our reporting suite. Understand risks, remove surprises and react quickly to opportunities.

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Create new routes to market

The essensys platform has integrations into brokers across most major territories to help support your growth. You can view your best performing brokers at the click of a button. With your operation under control, you can quickly act on adding new channels and dominating new markets.

Secure your data in one place

Bringing your data into one place means not only do you get complete visibility, but you can ensure it is safe and secure and not trapped in excel files.

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Reduce noise and frustrations for your hardworking teams

Your team can spend more time working with customers and finding new revenue streams when all your administrative tasks have been automated. Remove the wasted time and administrative nightmare of manual processes and standalone generic software. The essensys platform has been built from the ground up to underpin the world in which workspace operators live.

Keep your customers happy and compete with new operators

Sometimes it’s a struggle to understand customer’s priorities and satisfaction. With essensys Community you have access to a private social platform that will give you an instant health check on customer satisfaction.

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