If you’re a commercial landlord or a provider of flexible office space, investing wisely in technology is all about making smart decisions. However, with so many options out there in the market, where do you start? After all, the direction you take now can have significant, long-term impact on your future growth and profitability.

Coming to a decision around which technology to choose is much easier when you ask the right questions. A new report by Verdantix, an independent market research firm, provides an essential guide to the key information you need to find the best route for your business. The buyer’s guide, commissioned by essensys, invites commercial landlords and flexible workspace providers to consider their own business case for investing in a new technology solution for their portfolios.

For example, how do you find out whether a technology solution will help you operate more efficiently? Will it give your tenants the premium experience they demand? What are the advantages of an integrated digital infrastructure over individual or multiple point solutions? Should you consider developing an in-house solution or outsourcing to managed services providers?

The report provides an in-depth look at how to navigate the way ahead by identifying the essential tools that will enable you to optimise your digital infrastructure and networks. It provides a useful checklist to assess potential technology partners, along with use cases that illustrate the practical impact of your choices. Finally, it helps develop a compelling business case for your strategy, so you can get appropriate buy-in from all your stakeholders and make an impactful investment decision.

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