The coronavirus pandemic prompted what has been referred to as one of the “largest work from home experiments.” As offices re-open and adjust to a new normal, pre-Covid trends will accelerate. Flexibility in the office environment will continue to be a key consideration for companies as they look to accommodate the varying needs of their employees. The workspace experience will take the spotlight as space providers strive to meet the expectations of today’s occupiers.

Driving the future of work

Although many employees have adjusted to working from home, the requirement for office spaces won’t disappear. The mobile workforce has grown. The engine that has been driving the future of work is more powerful than ever, and workspaces remain a critical pillar that unites the workforce and work culture.

Global research and advisory firm, IDC, has turned its eye to the flexible workspace industry in a recent Infobrief. They share market trends and best practices from senior leaders of some of the world’s leading flex-space brands and real estate managers. One of the main takeaways is the overriding importance of the workspace as it fosters cross-functional collaboration, productivity, and seamless transitions between physical and digital environments.

Tech-enabling experiences

Corporations often use modern workspaces to attract and retain talent, cultivate corporate identity, and keep employees happy with premium services and amenities. The best experiences are underpinned by reliable and scalable IT infrastructure that supports a frictionless, efficient, and productive workdays.

Flexible workspaces must serve a wide variety of needs for a diverse range of occupiers. To capture the greatest opportunity, it is critical for space providers to implement a tech operating model that can meet the flexibility and agility needs of companies of all sizes – from startups and SMEs to enterprise and corporate occupiers.

To ensure premium experiences, space providers should be able to answer the following questions about their operation:

  • Can we deliver services quickly and efficiently?
  • Do our spaces support optimal productivity?
  • Does our technology keep members connected?
  • Are our services easily accessible, and do they add value?
  • Are our employees able to focus on meeting tenants’ needs?
  • Do our systems and platforms offer peace of mind in a post-Covid workspace?

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