12 best flexible workspace platforms for 2024

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As the industry continues to grow, so do the expectations you have to match. Tenants expect every touchpoint of their workspace experiences to be seamless, from onboardings to WiFi access. 

If you can provide the services that deliver on those experiences across your portfolio, you then guarantee flexible workspaces that are more attractive to tenants and an improved bottom line.

Achieving that level of operational efficiency is easier said than done, especially when taking into account the complex tasks of:

  • Managing multiple locations
  • Addressing diverse tenant requirements
  • Fulfilling numerous operational procedures

That’s where technology comes in. Various software providers have recognised these challenges and have developed flexible workspace platforms to serve as solutions. There are more options than ever to both address tenant demands and use your space more efficiently via advanced software capabilities.

Here, we’ll delve into the top twelve flexible workspace platforms for you to consider for 2024, from their unique features to how they can deliver on your goals.

At a glance, the right flexible workspace platform will offer comprehensive solutions that can simplify your workspace management. But let’s go more in-depth into what these features should deliver, and how.

  • Scalability: You inevitably want your organisation to grow. In order for that to happen seamlessly, your solution of choice should be able to address multiple types of spaces and operations across your portfolio, even as it gets larger.
  • Integration capabilities: Navigating multiple tools can ultimately cause more disruption. Aim for a platform that offers multiple, best-in-class functionalities and can be used without much technical expertise. 
  • Leading digital services: Look for features that employ automation to advance routine operations, such as smart billing and booking systems. This doesn’t just help save on time and resources, but also provides visibility and robustness, helping prevent potential errors.
  • Seamless connectivity: Network connectivity is especially crucial to get right. According to an essensys-sponsored survey, high-speed and secured connectivity is the highest ranked expectation amongst workspace occupiers. 
  • Enhanced tenant experiences: Office building technology isn’t just a value-add for workspace operators — 52% of U.S. office workers are envious of innovative workspace technologies in buildings other than their own. Your platform of choice should offer features that enable self-service options to tenants and make routine operations easier.


With that in mind, let’s explore the top twelve flexible workspace platforms leading the way into 2024.

1. essensys Platform 

essensys has been a mainstay in providing scalable software solutions within the real estate market since 2006. Capable of working across various types of spaces and multi-site operations, essensys’ leading platform offers best-in-class features to power your flexible workspaces. These include:

  • Coordinating your occupiers and digital services across multi-site, multi-tenant operations.
  • Utilising automation to reduce operational complexity while improving efficiency.
  • Data and reporting capabilities to help you truly understand your tenants and their needs.
  • Enablement of easier portfolio management and insights.

No matter the size of your operations, the essensys platform is designed to scale and adapt according to your precise needs, supporting your business growth. All in all, essensys enables:

  • Management of multi-tenant operations: Onboard new tenants faster, with the ability to make changes to tenancies, services, and spaces on-demand or in advance — leaving the hard work to its automation capabilities. 
  • Operations that scale with your business: Automation is employed to remove manual tasks and improve efficiency. This enables a repeatable, consistent experience from site-to-site and optimal ROI as you scale the solution across more sites.
  • Insights into your tenants: Gain data and reports into occupancy levels at each site and across your portfolio, including service performance and incoming/outgoing visitors. Develop an in-depth understanding of how your spaces and services are used so that you can make better-informed decisions and experiences for your tenants as a result.
  • Digital & physical security: Give the right people access to the right spaces and services (and revoke it when they leave) with identity and access management features, private VLANs for every tenant, unique login credentials for every user, and secure wireless and wired networks.
  • A tenant-focused approach: From an intuitive mobile application to a self-serve portal that allows tenants to manage their bookings, payments, and access control independently.

Ultimately, essensys serves as the ideal choice for companies that are operating at a large range of locations and counting, acting as a scalable solution that can deliver efficiency as you grow.

2. HqO

HqO’s main use cases lie in its tenant engagement and workplace experience capabilities. The platform’s features are primarily aimed at improving tenant experiences, fostering community-building and greater brand reputations of your workspaces.

HqO’s features enable:

  • Tenants to book amenity spaces such as conference rooms, arrange food deliveries, and complete fee payments.
  • Security capabilities via secure access controls and visitor management.
  • Entertainment opportunities and community events, ranging from health & wellness to sporting activities.

3. OfficeRnD Flex

OfficeRnD Flex is designed to act as an all-in-one workspace management tool, targeted at businesses with growing operations. This platform offers a blend of features tailored for effective management and improved member satisfaction, helpful in improving how young organisations address their workspaces.

OfficeRnD Flex offers:

  • Automated billing and invoicing, allowing for easy management of one-off or recurring payments.
  • A self-service interface for occupiers to book utilities and handle their own accounts as well as payments.
  • Integrations with a range of third-party applications such as Xero, QuickBooks, Google Calendar and Stripe.

4. Equiem

Specialising in tenant experience, Equiem is a valuable aid for landlords and operators looking to enhance their limited workspace offerings. Their platform — EquiemOne — focuses on improving tenant engagement and satisfaction, which can contribute to the overall success of a flexible workspace.

Equiem provides:

  • Data & analytics into the needs and wants of tenants.
  • Digital passes within the Equiem app, enabling digital access to buildings and up-to-date permissions.
  • The ability to be integrated with existing infrastructures with ease.
  • A modular design that can be customised based on the tools and data you prioritise.

5. Nexudus

Positioning itself as a go-to space management solution for growing coworking businesses, Nexudus focuses on automation and integrations. It’s a white-label software that can be adapted to reflect the unique identity of coworking brands with clear-cut operations.

Nexudus’ features include:

  • A platform that can be tailored to the specific needs of your coworking space, offering personalised experiences for you and your tenants.
  • Automation of routine tasks, cutting down on manual admin work.
  • The ability to connect with various third-party apps and services.

6. Yardi Kube

Yardi Kube is among the top platforms of choice in the UK for coworking operations due to its application to simple operations. Featuring space booking, member management, and Wi-Fi provisioning, the platform uses an intuitive interface to simplify workspace management for single-site operators.

Yardi offers:

  • The ability to carry out centre checks or walkabouts.
  • Visibility over maintenance and repair teams.
  • Features for recording suppliers and certification dates, and arranging regular inspections of critical equipment.
  • A tenant portal to allow for independent managing of bookings and payments.

7. Operate

Operate (also powered by essensys) fills the void between accounting and payments, helping you easily address your more complex operations. Its ability to address critical functions around licences, contracts, and invoices make it a prime solution for dealing with some of the most sensitive functions in your workspaces.

Operate’s key features include:

  • A robust suite of tools for managing leads, members, invoices, bookings, and contracts all in one place.
  • Management and integration capabilities that seamlessly work with your existing business systems.
  • An emphasis on automating routine tasks, saving time and reducing the need for manual intervention.
  • A customer portal where members can manage their account, bookings, and payments independently.

8. Salesforce

While they rarely impact tenant experiences directly, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools can be helpful in managing your existing clients as well as your prospects. Salesforce is a common choice of platform, providing highly customisable features and a comprehensive system.

Salesforce’s features include:

  • A platform that handles all CRM tasks, from tracking customer interactions to providing personalised customer journeys.
  • Advanced analytics for actionable insights into client behaviour and sales processes.
  • The ability to automate email marketing campaigns and other client engagement activities.

9. Hubspot

HubSpot is another big name in the CRM world. Its intuitive design and accessibility is catered to businesses that want a straightforward, easy-to-use interface.

HubSpot provides:

  • A consolidated view of all client interactions, enabling tracking and management of your relationships.
  • Integrated sales, marketing, and service hubs via its all-in-one platform.
  • Segmentation tools to divide your clients up based on specific parameters.

10. Xero

If you’re operating a limited portfolio of workspaces, accounting solutions like Xero can be valuable in automating your financial processes. Its features promote accuracy, simplicity, and convenience — ideal for workspace operators and landlords looking for a quick-fix solution.

Xero offers:

  • A user-friendly interface that eases the management of financial transactions, from invoicing to payroll.
  • Utility in monitoring your cash flow, tracing expenses, and generating financial reports.
  • Automation functions for routine financial tasks, saving time and enhancing accuracy in your accounting.

11. QuickBooks

Similarly to Xero, QuickBooks also helps in automating routine accounting processes for smaller-scale workspace portfolios.

QuickBooks provides:

  • A single dashboard for managing all financial transactions, from invoicing to payroll.
  • Tools for monitoring cash flow, tracking expenses, and providing financial reports.
  • Automation of repetitive financial tasks for increased efficiency and accuracy.

12. Stripe

Stripe seeks to simplify financial transactions made by and within organisations. This platform delivers a secure, and user-friendly experience while handling payments, contributing to improved tenant satisfaction and more efficient financial processes.

Stripe provides:

  • An easy-to-use interface for processing online payments.
  • Integrated financial reporting tools, enabling an overview of your financial performance.
  • Security features that adhere to international standards and protect all transactions.

Selecting the best flexible workspace platform for you

Choosing the right flexible workspace platform depends on understanding your unique requirements. Each of these platforms offers distinct features and benefits that can significantly simplify the complexities of managing flexible workspaces. 

And these complexities can vary. Depending on your goals, you may need more than one product to match your requirements, from invoicing to tenant engagement. 

Ultimately, the above comparison of platforms on the market can better equip you to make an informed choice that will best serve your business needs and provide superior tenant experiences.

As we move into the future, leveraging technology will be central to the growth of workspace businesses. A well-chosen platform will not only simplify managing your workspace but also potentially unlock new paths to profitability and success.

At essensys, we have developed a platform that can power flexible spaces at scale. To find out how we help you optimise how you manage your flexible workspace, just get in touch.

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  • Selecting the best flexible workspace platform for you

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