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Simplifying the way brokers and property agents track inquiries

Like all great technology by essensys, lead management is simple but highly effective


Track leads painlessly

As a broker or property agent, you know the market moves fast.

There aren’t enough hours in the day to manage accounts, build new client relationships and keep track of leads and conversions.

With Operate from essensys, you can reduce the amount of time spent chasing referrals and inquiries, so you can focus on the bigger picture of managing your property assets.

As a growing business, we appreciate the value of simplifying tasks & saving time for our team.


Ashley Buckner

Senior VP, Sales & Operations, Carr Workplaces
Lead Management Integration - essensys Product Image


Save time and energy

Keep track of where your leads are funneled to and manage inquiries easier with the essensys broker integration feature.

Track leads and conversions

Auto-manage referrals and inquiries to clients

Save time manually tracing leads


Capture your commissions with ease

essensys has simplified inquiry and conversion flow into a seamless and highly effective process. Registered partners can tag HTML emails so that they are automatically imported into essensys with the workspace operator the inquiry was sent to.

Leads sent to operators are tagged for automatic import

Save time and avoid debate about lead-gen sources

Secure hard-earned commissions from your leads

Automated Lead Management - essensys Product Image


Work alongside some of the biggest brokers in the industry

See how integration with essensys can deliver greater accuracy tracking leads and conversions. Prevent commission conflicts and maximize commissions on your brokering efforts.  

Capture commissions from leads

No more chasing down referrals

Remove doubts around enquiry source

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