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Managing a flexible workspace used to mean you had to do everything. Now essensys is here to help.

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"We’ve been using the essensys platform every day since 2012, and now couldn’t imagine running our centre without it."

Saffron Johnson
Business Centre Manager, Wenta Business Centres Ltd

Top Benefits

essensys allows centre managers to concentrate on clients, members and community to enhance their experience of your workspace.

The essensys platform is home to all of your day-today activity, meaning that you can automate tedious daily tasks, take care of all your workspaces tech (no more crawling under desks looking for ports and cables!) easily up-sell and cross-sell all your products, easily onboard new members and create a vibrant and compelling community.

Get rid of those task lists and post-it notes

Automatic notifications spare managers from having to always check their team’s progress.

This transparency dissipates micro-management and empowers everyone to get on with the task in hand. As a manager, you can shift your focus to the things that matter.

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Enhance the human experience

A misconception is that automation de-personalises customer service. In fact, it enhances it. It enables you to create more interactions and free up your staff to spend more time developing more personal connections and customer intimacy.

Today, we all expect both human and non-human contact – with essensys you can automate your world.

Reduce customer churn

You can apply workflow automation to all customer touch points - in particular, the entire customer onboarding process. The service you deliver during this crucial time becomes more seamless and consistent.

Later, you can better engage with your clients by scheduling ongoing updates and valuable, personalized communications. This all helps reduce your customer churn rate.

Flexible workspaces are increasingly about membership and customer lifetime value, so this is priceless.

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You don't need to be a technical expert

You don’t need to be a technical expert to consolidate the management of your workspace into a single easy to use software platform.

You can focus on delivering services to your tenants consistently and with ease. Remove manual processes and automate communications.

Focus on revenue generating activities

With automated workflows in place, your staff have more time to concentrate on impactful activities, from developing your customer base to building a community and upselling services.

Let workflow automation soak up lower value tasks, such as checking database duplicates and setting reminders. Concentrating on higher value activities has the extra benefit of boosting staff morale and fostering innovation.

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