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Executive Suites 

Transform how you manage your workspace business, deliver services and keep tenants happy


Efficient executive suite management

The success of your flexible workspace business depends on fluid operational efficiency and happy tenants. Long-term success rides on an operator’s ability to align to market demands. Antiquated manual tasks and disparate workspace management tools won’t cut it.

You can’t stay ahead of the competition or develop your proposition without the right technology that underpins the nuts and bolts of your workspace. essensys brings you a mission-critical software designed exclusively for the needs of flexible and executive suites.

The effort & talent that the whole essensys team brings has succeeded in changing the contractor/client relationship into a true partnership, engendering trust & confidence in all stakeholders


Tom Payne

Head of Operations, BizSpace
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Keep a revolving door of tenants

A great tenant experience depends on the quality and ease of access to your services. Combat tedious administrative tasks, service bookings, billing and invoicing with seamless management tools. Focus on your tenants and business goals. Keep up with business goals and market trends with comprehensive workspace technology from essensys.

Automate business processes using smart workflows

Deliver a seamless experience to your tenants

Personalize customer comms from inquiry to renewals


Exceed revenue expectations

Flexible office uptake is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down. Capture this opportunity with a workspace management software that gives you the flexibility and revenue-driving power you need.

Build a complete portfolio of products and services

Bundles of Wi-Fi, Voice, network and bandwidth services

Promote and sell services online or at Point of Sale

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Differentiate your executive suites

Bridge the gap between your space offering and customer demands with easy technology that covers all workspace bases. The success and growth potential of your executive suites business is aligned to a positive tenant experience and quality of service.

Deliver consistent services to your tenants with ease

Remove manual processes with automation

Don't miss a thing with automated communications


Bring your workspace business into today's market

Wow your tenants with on-demand and flexible services, and deliver an engaging and slick experience in your workspace. See industry-leading and mission-critical software in action.

Market and sell your inventory and space assets

Automate debt and recurring payment collections

Empower tenants with a vibrant self-service community

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