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Automate WI-FI, Voice, Network & Bandwidth service provisioning, delivery & billing whilst removing management & support overhead

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"As a growing business, we appreciate the value of simplifying tasks & saving time for our team."

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Why essensys?

essensys enables IT teams to seamlessly deliver and scale IT and Comms services with a few clicks using a graphical representation of your site.

The essensys platform puts you in full control of your IT. You get access to on-demand, enterprise grade services that you can use to build compelling solutions for your members.

Security, network monitoring and support are taken care of. You can choose between a fully managed or BYOB (Bring your own bandwidth) delivery model.

Make ICT service delivery & management easy

Your team gets access to a web based app to provision, deliver and bill key networking, connectivity and unified coms services. It’s as easy as selecting the customer and allocating services. Plus, your members get access to a mobile app to self-serve of key telephony features. Users and services can be added or removed with a few clicks.

Features such as move-in move-out calendar, support case dashboard and bandwidth management graphs ensure a seamless experience for you and your members.

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Build compelling IT solutions

You can bundle services in whichever way you see fit, add your mark-up and deliver them. With an automated service catalogue, it’s easy for you to keep track, edit and manage multiple service offerings. Dedicated backup, guaranteed performance and availability are covered, so you can focus on building solutions not maintaining services.

From shared and dedicated bandwidth plans to secure wireless or wired internet access options and comprehensive telephony services, you have a solution for any business.

Keep your customers online

Your services are delivered from geo-redundant, tier 4 Data centres in the UK and US. You won’t have to worry about high availability – from data centres to network connections to the internet services, we work in multiples. Your site is connected to a private, resilient network and your customers get access to dedicated VLANs for enhanced data security.

Our 24hour Network Operation Centre (NOC) monitors your network to ensure performance and availability of services.

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Connect mobile app

The Connect mobile app is available to you and your members. It provides an easy way to manage key telephony features including resetting voicemail and login PINs, setting up call forwarding, accessing call history, setting up click to call and logging in to desk phones using a QR code or setting a do not disturb status.

Your members get a great experience and your team will spend less time dealing with common support requests.

Increase profitability

The essensys platform provides you with various ways in which you can promote and sell your IT services, regardless of whether you bake the cost in to your space offering, or provide them separately. You can easily sell IT services and add-on features on your member portal, or make them available as part of online plans on your website.

You can spend time understanding your customers’ needs and creating compelling offerings using WI-FI, Voice, Network and Bandwidth management services instead of figuring out how to source, deliver, bill, manage and support them.

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