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Webinar: Tech Security & Member Experience

Security is an increasingly critical component of a flex-space operation. In this webinar, an expert-led panel discusses how to mitigate security risks and think strategically about tech’s impact on member experience.


Topics discussed include:

  • The big questions around security for flex-spaces
  • How to differentiate with security levels
  • Tactical and strategic considerations around tech security
  • How to improve member experience with tech 


Meet our panelists: 

Webinar securit and member experience - headshots - james shannonWebinar security and member experience - ari kepes densityWebinar security and member experience - liz elamWebinar securit and member experience - headshots - Rob Trainor

James Shannon      Ari Kepnes          Liz Elam           Rob Trainor
     essensys              Density                GCUC            Carr Workplaces


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