The user experience in a “lit up” building

Our Chief Customer Officer, David Kinnaird, was a guest on a recent episode of the Flex Uncensored Podcast where he shares some great stories and provides invaluable insight into the evolution of the CRE industry.

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Occupier experience is key in the flight to quality

The experience that’s delivered to occupiers and how offices support desired ways of working is under the spotlight. Without the effective use of technology, the flight to quality is redundant. 

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Tech to play a big role for U.S. building owners preparing for 2023

Building owners continue to strategize around the short-term challenges that lie ahead for the CRE industry. With the current uncertainty facing the U.S. economy, technology still remains at the forefront for owners as they prepare for the new year.

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Complexity in the UK office market and the flight to quality

With occupier expectations higher than ever and continuously evolving, the UK office market is complex and tricky to navigate. With this in mind, we wanted to better understand occupier sentiment; find out how technology is improving and at times damaging workspace experiences in our latest research.

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Shifting business models, technology and digital tenant experiences

Now more than ever property companies are striving to better understand their customers’ needs instead of taking a “build it and they will come” approach. SPACE+ caught up with Eric Schaffer, CEO, APAC, essensys who talks about shifting business models, technology and digital tenant experiences.

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Digitally Enabled Buildings and Spaces Take Center Stage in a Renewed Asia Pacific Office Landscape

Technology has been a primary force of disruption across all industries, and commercial real estate is no exception. Recent years have seen an acceleration of change, as a focus on digitalisation grips the industry and the adoption of more technologies becomes mainstream. 

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