Industry Reports

A Verdantix Study: Surviving a Rapidly Changing Real Estate Market

Tech and Member Experience: Operator Stats

Technology is helping operators deliver a better member experience.

Evolving the Flexible Office

Evolving the Flexible Office to Optimise Customer Experience, Increase Productivity and Deliver Value

Why Metrics Matter: Webinar Recap

Industry experts weigh in on how measuring and reporting impact a flex-space operation.

Your Guide to Flex-space Operational Metrics

Industry experts weigh in on the top 5 metrics to report on.

Coronavirus: A Guide to Preparing Your Flexible Office Space

The Global Workspace Association (GWA) has created a guide with top tips on how to prepare your flex-space for the Coronavirus.

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A Landlord’s Guide to Flex-Tech Part 2

Flex-space technology for landlords: deliver on requirements for agility and flexibility in a fast evolving office market

A Landlord’s Guide to Flex-Tech Part 1

The race is on for landlords, building owners and property developers to sink or swim in this dash to flex-space.