The pocket guide to plug-and-play real estate

In this guide, we look at how technology is making agile, move-in-ready space on flexible terms a reality for Landlords & Operators in the office market.

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Real Estate | Complexity in the Office Market

We surveyed 2,500 office workers on how technology is improving and at times damaging workspace experiences. This report delves into the survey’s findings and highlights the key information around office technology and how it’s either helping, or hindering, occupiers.

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Flexible CRE Technology: enabling adaptable real estate

Technology plays a key role in enabling flexibility – somethings that’s vital in order to stay competitive in commercial real estate today. Discover how technology can help you to stay on top of tenant’s demands and adapt quickly to market changes in our ebook.

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Next, Flex | Technology for the next generation Australian office

This report highlights the sentiment of 1,000 Australian office workers in today’s work environment and uncovers the growing expectations for a flexible, technology-enabled workplace.

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The business case for an integrated digital infrastructure in multi-tenanted offices

This report offers landlords and operators guidance on selecting the digital infrastructure required to underpin a digitally enabled office space and unlock improved tenant engagement, amenities and flexible workspaces.

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The science of flexible real estate portfolio management

Discover the disconnect between landlords & tenant expectations from this latest research.

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