The Finances Behind Growing a Flexible Workspace Business

This eBook sheds light on the money and finances involved in growing a workspace business during a pivotal moment in the history of the flexible workspace industry.

The Complete Guide to Opening a Coworking Space

Starting a coworking or flexible workspace requires big and bright ideas, and an even-keeled, rational business plan.

Coworking & Commercial Real Estate

In this guide we’re taking a close look at how some of the top workspace operators are managing trends, challenges & opportunities in today’s shifting workspace market.

Key Metrics for Workspace Success

In this whitepaper we cover the importance of reporting, space occupancy dynamics and other metrics that are essential to sustain, grow and predict the future of your workspace business.

Wi-Fi 101: Your Guide to Workspace Connectivity

In this whitepaper we break down what flexible workspace operators and landlords must know to implement a robust and reliable Wi-Fi network.

Outsourcing ICT to Delight Your Members

This guide takes a dive into driving revenue and delighting your workspace members by outsourcing your workspace technology

Wired Versus Wireless

Always-on connectivity has given people and devices the ability to connect to the cloud from wherever they are, regardless of what they’re doing.

Quickly and Efficiently Collecting Cash

In this guide we break down the five key components to collecting cash that you need to know.