How to Differentiate your Coworking Space with Technology

With the coworking market growing at an extreme speed it’s essential to set your workspace apart from competitors. According to Allworkspace, the number of coworking members will rise to 3.8 million by 2020 and 5.1 million by 2022. Some operators may view the increasingly competitive market as a threat, but others take full advantage and […]

The top five operational metrics for multi-site flex-space operators

The top five operational metrics for multi-site flex-space operators

Managing Your Workspace: DIY vs. Outsourcing vs. Enterprise-grade Platform

The different options when it comes to managing your flexible workspace. See how you can scale effectively whilst still being in control.

Top Tips for a Future-proofed Flexible Workspace

Running a coworking space can be rewarding and exciting. By the very nature of the agility and flexibility that the coworking model offers to occupiers, operators find themselves struggling to simplify the multiple layers of complexity added to their operation. With demand for this office type on the rise and new market players throwing their […]

A CTO’s Perspective on the Best Technology for Coworking and Flex-Space Operators

In today’s coworking market, not only workspace operators but landlords and property developers too are developing propositions for enterprise-level tenants. These occupiers are not only seeking community, collaboration, and attractive amenities, but they have strict IT and security requirements. With the rise of corporate uptake of flexible workspace, it’s important for landlords to know the stringent […]

The Drive to Flex and the Return to the Office

essensys and GCUC brought together a panel of flex space operators and experts to discuss what comprises a compelling space proposition in today’s evolving office market.

CoreNet EMEAlive: Occupier Demands for Flex and the Landlord Response

What are Landlords doing about flex? The challenging environment caused by Covid-19 has magnified and accelerated their challenges (and opportunities). We presented our insight at CoreNet EMEAlive; find out more, here.

Flexible Office: Building a Compelling Space Proposition

How can space providers and asset owners offer a compelling space proposition to meet occupier requirements?