Meeting IT Requirements of Enterprise Occupiers

Technology is critical in delivering productive, compliant and secure workspaces that meet the needs of enterprise occupiers.

essensys Appoints Jeremy Bernard as CEO North America

Proven real estate and technology leader chosen to accelerate growth of flexible workspace SaaS business

What is Flex?

If you’re a Landlord or asset owner, it’s more important than ever to explore the concept of flexible working spaces. But what does Flex mean and what are the benefits to Landlords?

GCUC Mastermind – The Future of Real Estate

The future of real estate: what flexibility means, how to drive value to occupiers & activate tech-enabled office environments.

4 Reasons The Office Is Not Dead

The future of the office is the topic of the time. Think the office is dead? We’ll give you 4 reasons it’s not. But how we think about offices will change.

Smart Access: Technology that Improves Member Experience

Discover the benefits of having a Smart Access solution in your flex-space.

Softphone Benefits for Flexible Offices and Their Members

In flex-space working environments, it’s critical that operators provide their tenants with technology that helps them remain productive while away from their desks. A softphone is a web and app based communication tool that can help differentiate your workspace offering while delivering an excellent member experience. With the influx of corporate adoption of flex-space, operators […]

Wi-Fi Security for Coworking Spaces

In over 12 years of experience working with operators and running workspaces, we’ve found that most flexible workspace operators settle for a simple wireless setup and later regret it. There are many associated disadvantages with an open wireless network easily accessed with a common password that applies to everyone and is rarely changed. This simplistic […]