Metrics for Workspace Success: Essential Financials

Part VI of the free eBook: The Key Metrics for Workspace Success Very often shared workspaces operate on a limited budget which means the center manager ends up wearing multiple hats and has few tools or resources at his or her disposal. When it comes to the finances, if you’re not an experienced CFO, financial controller […]

Metrics for Workspace Success: Marketing, Workspace Sales & Customer Metrics

Part III of the FREE eBook: The Key Metrics for Workspace Success In Part III of our Workspace Metrics for Success series, we’re taking a look at the workspace Sales, Marketing and Customer metrics that operators can measure to evaluate customer value and ROI on marketing initiatives. To drive pipeline, profitability, and retention rates it’s critical to […]

Metrics for Workspace Success: Additional Services

Part 2 of the FREE eBook: The Key Workspace Metrics For Success As we saw in the first part of this series on workspace metrics, operators must be committed to meticulously tracking occupancy and revenue. While space and workstation occupancy are key determinants of success, we must not neglect the revenue generated from additional services. Operators […]

Workspace Finances: Fundamentals for Operators

Many shared workspace and Coworking operators manage all of their finances on their own with only support from an accounting software and the annual consultation of a tax accountant. For some, it’s an inevitable aspect of running a business and can be mastered with monthly repetition. But for most, it’s a painful and tedious process […]

Chicago: A Vast Footprint of Shared Workspaces

In our continued series of events throughout the US, essensys visited Chicago, a city with a large footprint of shared workspaces. From WorkBetter in the soaring Willis Tower to 25N and LifeWorking in the suburbs, there is no shortage of workspaces to fulfill the growing market demand. essensys partook in QTLY Chicago, a workspace industry […]

Atlanta: Building Niche Communities in Shared Workspaces

Last week essensys took to the road as sponsors of the QTLY Atlanta event. QTLY is a workspace industry event series intended specifically for owners and operators of shared workspaces and collaborative programs in local markets that will also take us to Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle and Portland. Atlanta is a shared workspace […]

Selecting a Shared Workspace Technology Partner: Service is Key

Outsourced Shared Workspace Technology Part III: Choosing your Technology Partner By Steve Eveleigh, Chief Marketing Officer, essensys Part I and II of this series prove a valid business case around partnering with technology experts to deliver workspace software and infrastructure. However, how do you decide who is the best partner? Vetting and selecting a shared workspace […]

Why Taking On Your Own Workspace Tech Will Work Against You

Part 2 of How to Drive Revenue and Delight Members by Outsourcing Your Workspace Tech Technology can be complicated, and even more so when it involves multi-tenanted infrastructure delivery and support. Operators have historically approached workspace tech – network configuration, VLANs, Wi-Fi, wired connectivity, and telephony – in a variety of ways: from third-parties to multiple […]