Coworking: A Shifting Market Brings the New Norm

The growth in the shared workspace market over the past two years has been significant. More recently there’s a new type of activity that demonstrates where Coworking currently falls in its lifecycle as a product and service. From the nearly-official adoption of the term Coworking to encompass all shared workspace to the recent announcements of […]

Workspace with Wi-Fi: A Proposition for the Best Member Experience

Building and managing a coworking proposition goes beyond design and community. A Coworking Wi-Fi platform that underpins the workspace, from the first touch with a prospect to onboarding and services activation, will make all the difference in providing a positive and slick member experience. Equally important is centralizing all of the moving pieces of your […]

Seven Reasons to Attend the Global Workspace Association Conference

The future of the workspace industry is here. The Global Workspace Association (GWA) is bringing together the operators, investors, and commercial real estate asset holders who are making it happen. A few of the recurring themes in this year’s lineup include: real estate, corporate use, and flexibility. Aside from the obvious benefits of networking and […]

Coworking Wi-Fi: Why an Open Network Won’t Cut

There are varying degrees of wireless requirements depending on the type of space you run. But your top priority should be to keep your network secure – for your business and your customers’. In this chapter of our multi-part series on wireless for Coworking and shared workspaces, we’re picking apart the standard, run-of-the-mill open Wi-Fi network […]

Coworking Wi-Fi: How to Beat Common Blunders

To provide the best Coworking space network Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity for workspace members, operators must optimize signal strength and bolster high-performance Wi-Fi. In our 16+ years of experience, we’ve found some common pitfalls can affect the dynamic and technical pieces that make a wireless network function optimally. Poor Coworking Space Network Planning Whether you’re […]

Wi-Fi 101 for Coworking and Shared Workspaces

In a coworking, flexible, or shared office space, workspace Wi-Fi is an essential service – if not the most essential service. Your customers depend on reliable Internet to conduct their business. Coworking and shared workspace Wi-Fi is a key factor in providing mobile and transient workers with a convenient alternative to the often-cumbersome wired connection. […]

Common Wi-Fi Pitfalls and How To Avoid Them

David Kinnaird, essensys North American Managing Director, longtime serviced office veteran and IT expert, was recently interviewed by All Work about Workspace Wi-Fi. With security breaches and malware ransom attacks in the recent months, knowing the pitfalls and how to avoid them is a critical component of delivering quality service to your customers. Here are […]

The Workspace Industry Financial Survey: The Results are In

This spring the Global Workspace Association conducted its annual Industry Financial Survey, and the results are in. They are both consistent with the market trend towards growth and debunk myths that have been circulating about the industry. Here are the findings that stand out.   But First, The Demographics Respondents to the Industry Financial Survey […]