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Operational excellence across the board

Get leads, confirm tours, convert prospects, on-board and invoice customers. Fast.

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Be smart about your tasks, activities and processes

You can ensure all your teams pull in the same direction by automating triggers and actions across customer lifecycle stages handled by different parts of your business.

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Lead to contact

Multichannel lead feed

Leads you get from your website, social media or brokers enter your system automatically. They’re assigned to sales reps and get greeted with a personalised email intro.

Enhanced tour experience

Tour confirmation is done automatically via email or SMS, with prospects and your sales rep. Follow-up emails and sales actions kick in to help with conversion.

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Contact to membership

Single set up, global use

Once an opportunity is won, account creation and services allocation takes a few clicks. Notifications are sent to your centre manager, operations and finance teams to take over.

Invoice and payment collection

You can produce invoices, direct debit or standing order details automatically. Send a copy to the customer and another to your finance team to ensure smooth follow-up.

In-life management

Automate welcome emails, greet your members by name, ensure all meeting rooms, desks, office or event space is ready and IT and comms set up correctly.

Renewals and beyond

Make staying easy

You can define renewal prompts for your centre manager, operations and sales teams. Give your teams enough time to define, negotiate and sell the next retention deal.

Member Portal

All your tenants and members are automatically added to your own private community where they can interact with you, peers and self-service.

App integration

You can securely pass information and data between your apps and the essensys platform using Zapier. With no coding skills required, you can integrate, automate and innovate.

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