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Workflow Management

Get leads, confirm tours, convert prospects, on-board and invoice customers, fast.


Automate core processes

All your teams need to work as one in order to run an efficient flexible workspace and provide repeated value to customers.

  • Automate triggers and actions across customer lifecycle stages handled by different parts of your business
  • Provide all your teams with a single point of reference for all prospect and customer related data

Multichannel Lead Feed

SMS and Email Communication

Membership Portal

Easy App Integration with Zapier

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Efficient follow-up

  • Leads from your website, social media or brokers enter your system automatically
  •  Leads are assigned to sales reps and get greeted with a personalised email intro
  • Tour confirmation is done automatically via email or SMS, with prospects and your sales rep
  • Follow-up emails and sales actions kick in to help with conversion


Fast account activation

  • Account creation and service allocation takes minutes
  • Invoice, direct debit or standing order creation is automated
  • Welcome emails are triggered by pre-defined events
  • Welcome and greet your customers by name every time
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Turn renewals into simple formalities

  • Define renewal prompts to keep your team proactive
  • Keep delivering value through your branded member interface
  • Integrate, automate and innovate your workspace with relevant apps using Zapier or our Open API

Effectively manage each stage of your customers journey

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Create workflows across your entire business to drive more efficiency.

Whether it's assigning leads from your website or lead brokers, changing lifecycle stage, triggering a task for a license to be sent out, an invitation for your member portal or requesting payment.

The best thing is your team will always have the same, accurate information available to complete tasks successfully.

Set up the right workflows and processes for success

A smooth, smart way to manage your operations