Service Set-Up Wizard

Give your tenants a flying start.

Office moves made easy

Simplify the big tasks

Schedule and manage the set-up of essential services in a single process through a single interface.

  • Create or schedule new customers with a single process
  • Access move in and move out calendars across one or multiple sites
  • Allocate and amend floor ports
  • Transparent view of your customers

“Quite simply, we have found essensys to be an outstanding company with great technology, service and personnel.”

Penny Lagos, VP


Flexibility without the hassle

Help your tenants scale their business

One of the key benefits of a flexible workspace is the flexibility it gives tenants as they grow or reduce their headcount.

  • Simple, hassle-free and seamless move process
  • Continuity of provisioned services to the new office
  • Keep customers happy with minimal interruptions
Customer service by automation

Pain-free moves

Allow your customer’s business to grow by making it easy for them to move offices.

  • Give tenants the mobility they need
  • Seamless connections between workspaces

See it in action

Select the marketplace services your customers want with a few clicks. A seamless, hassle-free experience for you and your members.